First ride on my new KH 29XC

Temp: -19C (-4F) (I was plenty warm, except for my feet.)
Wind: SE 5 mph
Distance: about 12km (7.5 miles)
Road Conditions: Dry, moderately hilly road, light bumpy ice/snow on shoulder.

I got my KH 29XC on Wednesday, but avoided taking it out as there was wet, salty roads from some small snow storms. Also the wife was on a business trip, so I was on 24 hour stay-at-home-dad duty. Finally, Saturday morning the wife was home, the road was dry, and I got my chance.

The only other uni I’ve ever ridden is my Torker 24LX, and it took me a couple tries to free-mount the 29. I didn’t succeed with a rollback mount, but was able to the static mount without too much trouble. It takes a moment longer to get the bigger wheel rolling, but it feels great once it’s moving.

I really enjoyed the buzz of the increased speed. Compared to my 24" it feels like high gear, with my legs able to exert much more power into the wheel. The turning was a bit more sluggish, sort like slo-mo, but not too hard.

The pedals have some pins, which is new for me. They make little foot adjustments a bit tricky, but feel very secure once the feet are “seated” correctly.

KH seat:
The new KH seat is very comfortable for me, once the boys are up in the right place. More comfortable than the Torker, which felt kinda pinchy after a long ride.

There’s one steep road hill on the loop I rode, and I’ve never made it to the top on my Torker. Today on the 29 I made it almost to the top before losing momentum and balance. I think I’ll make it the next time I try, and technique is the problem, rather than the shorter cranks/bigger wheel combo. The effective “gear” seems to be plenty good for climbing, I just need to get better.

This unicycle rocks! I’ll post again when I’ve had a chance to do some of the dirt trails around here, but damn, this is a nice ride!

Re: First ride on my new KH 29XC

cool, please do…

Thanks for the post. I’m seriously considering one of these unis. I’ve got a Torker DX24 right now and am riding well enough that I’m feeling the need for more speed. What length cranks did you get? Keep us posted on more rides. :sunglasses:

I got the “stock” cranks - 150mm.

I think my Torker 24 LX has 175mm - not sure though. I think they’re definitely longer.

The KH 29"XC is really nice, I have been thinking that if I do get a commuter that that would be it.

I’m almost certain that the Torker LX comes with either 150 or 152mm cranks. The KH cranks may just feel shorter because of the larger wheel diameter.

So, steveyo? Any more info? I’ve been thinking (with a little help from my favorite guy Raphael) that I should get a bigger wheel for my second uni. I was gonna buy a Yuni 26", but maybe I should think bigger - is the KH 29" XC smooth on the road? Have you gone on any off-roads yet?

Hey 'toga gal!

I haven’t had the KH29 out lately. I’ve a fear of salt on the road which really crapped up my old mtn b*ke. I’ve mostly been XC skiing with my kids since we’ve had such nice snow. (If life gives you lemons, make lemonade!)

Now that the roads are drying out, I expect to have a nice long ride this Saturday. I’m going to try the 1100’ vertical hill up to Thatcher Park in the Helderbergs to test my climbing abilities.
(Prepping for the Whiteface race on June 11
BTW, any interest in doing that race? They’ve never had a uni do it!

I’ll give you more info after my Saturday ride.

But as to:

It’s noticably faster, and quite smooth over bumps, though there’s a slight knobby buzzing, as you’d expect from the off-road tire.

Also, free-mounting takes a deliberate jump up and over the wheel, at least for the static mount to work for a 5’6" guy like me.

Another option for you is the Yuni 29er

I go offroad with it sometimes, and it has held up well.

It shouldn’t be touching the tyre - perhaps you should check your shorts for holes :wink:


You Brits sure are funny!

Actually, it took me a second, as “knobby” is not a synonym that I’ve heard before.

Re: First ride on my new KH 29XC

On Fri, 4 Feb 2005 09:07:11 -0600, “steveyo” wrote:

>“knobby” is not a synonym that I’ve
>heard before.

Same here. But “knobby” sounds to me as if it shaped like a “chode”.
And for a chode it should be difficult to touch the tyre during

What is a chode? <>

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