first ride on ice

hi all its come cold hear in england and the snow started i thought im off out this is the first time iv riden on frozen grass i couldnt believe the difference my balance was all over the place i spent more time off than on still had plenty of fun when i see pictures of you guys that ride in it all the time it looks ace is there a trick to riding on the hard stuff

I went for my first ride in snow today, and I loved it! I’ve been across ice before, and fallen off, but I’ve never had the chance to ride in snow. Until now. To be truthful, there was barely a sprinkling of the white stuff, but it was cold enough for the front of my coat to ice over! :smiley:
I think the technique for ice is to keep the uni right under you, and ride smoothly and gently, avoiding sharp movements. I’ll be waiting for the snow to get thicker, then I can try riding in it properly. Can’t wait!

Hi rob 1
Sounds like fun, any pics?
Onions Are you in UK as well?
No snow here (:slight_smile: just lots of rain:(

hi alucard sorry no pics but the snow is coming down lots now :smiley: i think the sledge will be out

Hey, Have fun!:smiley:

It frustrates me the way this country grinds to a halt when we get a few inches of snow? :roll_eyes:
( hey, was that a ‘rage thread?’ :astonished:

Hey Rob1 - good to hear you’re out in it.

I just went and did 9 miles in the white stuff this morning and it isn’t half fun!
A couple of those miles were down sledging slopes :smiley:

Unfortunately I also have no pics as no smart phone currently and nobody with me.

I rode on ice a bit last year when our road was solid with it - the techniques definitely to ideally mount off the ice, no sudden movements and if you want to turn, either change your mind or do it in a very large arc so that your weight can always be directly over the top of the point of contact of the tyre - no leaning or you’ll be straight off.

Oh and Rob1, I’m in Leeds all next week if you fancy a ride on an evening (after half 4)


Yes, I am. I’ll have to add that to my profile some time.

All the snow has turned to slush here, so I didn’t get a chance for another ride in it. I really hope we get some more soon, then I’ll be getting the sledge out too! :smiley:

Hi Onions

We live in north Wales and didn’t see so much as a flake!. The weather’s been a lot warmer today, been out walking and rc gliding. ( and day dreaming of uni :roll_eyes: )

hi mocius let me know what day your in leeds and we can have a ride carnt do wed or fri any other day i can do :smiley:

I’ll send you a PM

Ice is easy, you just stud your tire and are good to go.

It’s snow that is tricky.

with most types of snow you aren’t firmly attached to the ground no-matter what you do so you are almost always sliding or skidding one way or another. The trick is to anticipate the direction of the slide and work with it.

I have a dedicated winter wheel; 80mm rim, 3.5 or 3.8" tire it’s pretty great on the trails but the other night I went for a moon-lit XC ski, and holly crap with skis I am faster, way more efficient, and fall less. Funny thing is I still like unicycling on snowy trails.

I don’t normally have a problem with snow - if I’m slipping a bit on my ardent 29x2.4 then I crack out the duro!

1st time on ice… for 2012 :slight_smile:

My first time on snow was last night, my second this morning (yes I’m also in the UK). You also read right - first ride last night, in the dark - was collecting in controls after a night orienteering event.

Was an interesting experience - I’ve always reckoned that riding a bike in slippery conditions does wonders for bike handling, so I’m hoping that a similar thing applies with uni riding. I have to admit I was off instantly pretty much every time the tyre slid sideways, but definitely managing longer rides by the end, doing a better job of keeping my weight over the tyre.

wow leo that is proper ice it was -15 last year hear in england and i didnt see a river freeze how cold is it there :astonished:

In the east part a -27.something C was almost a record ever (which is -27.somethingmore C). But during the day a -17 is also cold!
Strange enough… under some bridges it still was unfrozen!

This is what the phone of an Italian rollerskate artist (…) at Pallazo said: