First ride of 2009

Well, my new year’s resolution was to ride my unicycle at least once a year. Done that. Next challenge? :sunglasses:

It was a cold and bleak morning, and I had a teensy weensy bit of a headache after a particularly wild night singing folk music and taking part in an impromptu mummers’ play. Going for a ride did not seem attractive , but neither did the ring of blubber that has accumulated around my midriff over recent weeks.

Too cold for the 700c - the wind chill factor at high speed can be significant. :astonished: Too fat for the Muni. I decided to do something unusual and take the 20" out.

Gosh, it’s slow! It took ages to ride along the tarmac drive to the car park where I intended to practise some skills. I had the first “Do you know you’ve lost the front half of your bike?”, but I also found one fisherman who asked a few sensible questions. His friend had been given a unicycle for Christmas and was looking ofr tips on how to ride it. I told him to Google for “Billythemountain” + “unicycling”.:wink:

Down to the car park and I was soon warming up with some idling, reversing, and general keeping it the right way up in a small space skills. A nasty moment when I was reversing and hit an unsuspected twig.

Some passers by asked me if I’d got the unicycle for Christmas - they must think I’m a fast learner!

A few years ago I spent hours perfecting my one foot idling and riding skills. It’s nearly all gone now. I can idle either foot down, and one footed with my left foot down, but that’s about it. The 20" feels more like a toy than a vehicle after all the miles I’ve done since then on bigger wheels.

I moved on to nearer to the river, and after I’d worked out how to use the timer I took this photo, just to prove to sceptics that both the river and I exist.

Happy new year, everyone. Let’s hope I get a bit more riding in this year than last.

Mike, you should update your avatar – you look a lot different now! :stuck_out_tongue:

I chickened out today.

The wind was sharp and making my eyes run, the sun was low and blinding and the prom was covered in frost ans slippy.

I turned around and rode home.

But I’ve been doing lots of riding on my 29er over Christmas so I didn’t feel too bad.

my first uni ride of 09 was my paper round.

Just got back from my first ‘09 ride; 9 miles of MUni with 1,700’ elevation gain. :smiley:

hmm, yours sounds slightly more fun than mine… but at least I got paid for it :smiley:

You are a bad, bad man.

My first ride was yesterday and I landed many new things :smiley:

I was out a couple of times today:

I got quite a lot of strange looks from people who couldn’t stand up on the paths today, as I rode by on my Unicycle.