First real rail grind

After about 30tries i finally got down my first real grind…

fair play that was a horrid run and looked well sketchy. Props

YAY! good job

looks pretty dodgy (mostly the setup, not what you did) but thats not the point, point is you managed to grind a rail and i say bloody good job fella.

all you need now is a set of stairs to gring down and you’ll be on your way to stardome.

and you have done one better than me, i can only do flat rails atm.

Nice job, man. That’s one of the things I want to learn as soon as I get the chance.

i got lucky cuse this rail even though it was round it was like half of an oval and it was kinda wide so my crank would barely fit on it and if i leaned too much over then the crank would get stuck but yeah im glad i got it…
its not the side i jump to either…i jump to my left side so jumping to my right feels weird, but my left crank is back and my right is forward when i jump and when i grind on my left side my foot hits the rail and throws me off so when i grind with my right the crank is forward and makes it soo much easier… and i had to make this rail kinda low so i could get up to it…

man, that was sweet! grinding rails with only on rev of run-up is tough. it’s so much harder to jump or aim… or pretty much anything!
that was nice.