First (Occasional) Florida mUni Meetup

SteveYo: You’re still an honorary member, even if you didn’t get to ride with those two. Bill was busy with bike races, and BrianP hadn’t started riding yet afaik… which by my reckoning and his progress so far… let’s see… means he was probably ready to come out and tackle some trails at Alafia! (I keed, I keed)

Brian: Definitely great ride today. It was nice to meet your family, and interesting to ride with another of you freakishly-fast learners. I blame it on the years of MTB beforehand. Have a great trip, and I hope the leg/knee are back to normal quickly.

Tomorrow’s Alafia, let’s hope I can hold together after the beating Santos gave me :smiley:

“one tired guy”,
John M

P.S. wait–that’s Kris, not me!

Sorry I missed that

Wish I could have made that ride, but I was a bit busy with the boys.
I rode with John on Sunday and you guys didn’t push him hard enough, he still had a whole lot of energy.


I know you guys mainly ride Muni, but a couple of friends and I may be riding in Tallahase during spring break. We haven’t got it worked out yet though it should be fun.

Jason: thpppbt (a pleasure riding with you as always, smarta–ahem ;P)

Michaelgoround: 5 hours for me from Sarasota might be a bit of a schlep, but definitely post up when you get plans together, and we’ll see. (when’s spring break for you?) Conversely, would you guys be interested in notification whenever I head to Ocala area for riding Santos with BrianP? Let me know and I can try to throw out a PM if you’re not subscribed to the thread here.

I’m definitely looking forward to whenever the next “Occasional” turns out to be… this last meetup was a blast. We also might be able to get a caravan up to MuniSano’s neck of the woods someday… 8hrs from here, 6hrs to Panama City instead. (that’s where you’re at, Michaelgoround?)

we’ll see,

John M

If you can make it to Birmingham, AL I think you’d love the Oak Mountain State Park. In fact on May 31st there is a mtb race there called Bump & Grind that I’ve successfully talked my way into doing on my unicycle. I’m sure they’d welcome some more one-wheelers. The bigger statement we make the more likely we can get our own division on day. The race website may not be fully up at the moment but keep trying. This event might be enough to entice some folks to come my way? If a 17 mile race/loop is too much I believe they also (race wise) have something like half the distance. Of course we can just meet up any old weekend just to ride? Just give me plenty of heads-up (PM me) if your thinking about caravaning up here, you won’t be disappointed with Oak Mountain (about 1hour 1/2 drive for me).

Wow, I’d never be able to make it, but you FLA 20-and-30-somethings (and 40-and-50 somethings, ED, Carol, Steven!) would have a great time riding there, from the sounds of it.

Muni-Sano- As for the race, 17 miles is major muni distance, IMHO, but your background in ultra-running means you eat that kind of pain for breakfast.

Dude, you are going to have such a great time at that race. At MTB races, on MTB trails in general, even the best bikers bow to you like the god they think you are.

Yeah it’s 17 miles, but I’ve done plenty of longer muni rides; in fact me and “hitarock” (not sure if he’s still lurking around on these forums) did TWO loops of this trail a while ago on our unicycles . It’s fairly medium level XC with a few more advanced sections but really one can fly through this loop on a 29er (too bad I don’t have one). Hopefully by race day I’ll have my 24" Guni ready to go as there are a few places (fire roads) where I know I can kick it into overdrive. So anybody interested in coming up/down/east/west just come on!


I missed this?
I shouldn’t have stayed away so long.
I can’t believe it.

A year hiatus is ridiculous I know… :astonished:

I’m sure the will have another one in a couple of months.

BTW guys I’m getting a Muni. I need to get a job and some money up first though. It should be one of my first purchases.

Michaelgoround: cool, got anything picked out yet? :slight_smile:

Unibugg: Yeeeeeeeeeeeess, sorry. Welcome back around, at any rate, hehe. Where in FL are you at? As Michaelgoround says, we’ll probably have another at some point here, and there’s 2 or 3 of us already meeting up weekend-ly for rides.

It’d be nice to get up MuniSano’s way, maybe a group of us; and I’m seriously considering a road trip up to NC for Asheville Mountain Unicycle Festival this fall. We’ll see what shakes out.

John M

Hi John.
Road trip… you mean on a coker? Just checking cause that’s awful far. It would be great to get together informally with a group around here.

Oh, I’m in Jax. And you? MY bet would be south of me. Then again geography is on my side.

Unibugg: hehe, I thought the twelve hours by car was going to be long… you’re signing me up for a road ride now?!

Way to play the odds, there… yes somewhere south :slight_smile: I’m down in Sarasota, as is frogy130, with no-forum Bill and littlemenjd a little north of me in the Tampa area, and Accordnsx and Wheel Riding a little further south by stages… Pt. Charlotte area and Ft. Myers-ish respectively.

I think the tentative plan for the next muni meet will be Santos, up in Ocala area, which’ll be rougher on the SoFla crew but help out some of you northerners. :slight_smile:

John M

im going to try my best to go! please let me know asap the date youll be going so I can request off! i need a new muni first though, but I might be taking care of that this week!

My schedule is kind of “fluid” at the moment but I’m dying to ride with some others so possibly a road trip of my own to Asheville this Fall is in order! Again the offer is out there if anybody wants to come ride Oak Mountain. Just need to coordinate with work/school and my running race schedule… But I might be able to swing at least going to Asheville.

I’m Thinking about getting a KH 26" when they come out, though I may go for a Nimbus or a 24".

Sound good to me. I do suppose we will be putting a caravan together as to save money and have some good company?

Sadly our plans for the Tallahase ride were canceled. I doubt I will be able to go out that far for a simple weekend ride, but may on occassion when I get my Muni.

Sounds good to me. And yes I do live in Panama City, well Lynn Haven really but not many people know where that is.

BTW I did some Muni on my 20" yesterday and had some fun with that. I really do think I would enjoy Muning and can’t wait to gather the funds so that I will be able to afford one.

I wish I knew you were up in Panama City earlier. I am going to be there tomorrow night 4/9 with a friends band (Doug Deming and the Jewel Tones) at a place in Panama City Beach called Pineapple Willy’s. I always have my KH24 with me so if you are around there tomorrow let me know. Maybe we can just have some fun riding on the street while I am there. My number is 352-817-3679 if you want to meet up. You are welcome to try the KH24 while you are at it.


John: Santos sounds good… I’ve never been but really want to go. After getting my Coker last spring, I hadn’t done a lot of off road riding. But this past week I dusted off my 29 and got 3 good rides in on the trails. I’m working my way back to remembering how awesome muni is.

DSchmitt: A new muni? Some of us will use any excuse to buy another! As I was once asked after my fourth, “Just how many **&% unis does one person need??!!” hehe

I road at Guana after work today thanks to your recommendation. It was a fantastic ride. The trails are beautiful. I had no idea they were that nice. With only about an hour and a half to ride before sunset, I rode fast and hard and just made it back to the trail head before dark. It wasn’t so much that I was concerned that my car would get locked inside the gate, or that they would send out a search party, but I really wanted to get back before the armadillos turned into vampires. :astonished:

I have a new park to ride in! Miles and miles of unridden trails and not too far away. Thanks!

…in reverse order, for maximum confusage: ;D

You think vampirmadillos are bad, you should see the Piranhamoose!

Yeah, it’s only about 2.5h from me, and I still don’t get up there as often as I sometimes feel it deserves… only 1h to Boyette and Alafia, and they’re darn nice distractions from the longer drive, hehe

A 20xFat certainly isn’t a horrible mUni, if you’re not trying to keep up with anybody. It makes you treat things a little more trialsy than you would necessarily on a larger wheel, “not that there’s anything wrong with that”.
I haven’t had a chance to try a “proper” 26er mUni since I’ve been proficient with the 24x3, so I can’t much comment there… from my experience “cross-wheeling” on a KH29 I’d generalize that wheel size is probably more flexible with practice than you’d ever think initially and optimum size probably varies more by trail features and variety than anything else. I know the 24x3 has served me well over the years, and look forward (soon) to trying my new-used 24x3xSchlumpf

…meaning your activities are kinda RUN-ny? BWAHAHAh–why isn’t anyone else laughing?

My initial inkling (un-discussed with anyone else as of yet) is maybe to have another “Occasional” somewhere at the start of the school-summer, to help some of you students schedule it in. That might be the time for a Santos trip, perhaps get a carpool/caravan headed north from our area, for those coming from further southward. We’ll see as things draw nearer, and try to give plenty of “warning”. :slight_smile:

And at the risk of repeating a common theme here… a lot of us are already riding regularly, so feel free to keep using this thread as a minor meetup maker, most m… mefinitely?

'msorry ;D

John M

I am planning to do Santos on the 19th. I’ll be with some mountain bikers (hopefully that will work and they won’t drop me). It would be nice to bump into a fellow municyclist.

I’m really looking forward to it as I’ve heard so much about Santos and have never been there. Thus far most of my muni experience has been in tiny local parks near civilization (except my recent Guana adventure)> Any tips on what to expect or what to put in my camelback etc would be appreciated. Water is available at the trail head, right?