First (Occasional) Florida mUni Meetup

John, thanks for setting this First (Occasional) Florida mUni Meetup up, I had a great time riding with you all.
Here are the group pics I have. from left to right Carol, Ed, Jason, Steve (south), Steve (North), Adam, and papa John.

Unfortionitly I did not get any video, new camera to me and I left the remote at have it showed that it was recording but it was in loop mode and did not record anything as I did not tag anything. Live and learn, We will just have to do another one soon so I can get some video.

Jason did any of the video you shoot come out?


I am a few minutes form Santos Trail here in Ocala and I would love to ride with anyone nearby. I am still learning but I should be ready by the next meet. I have mountain biked there a million times and I can’t wait to try it on the Muni.



Alafia has a lovely “middle of everything” trailhead and restrooms etc. but otherwise Santos seems like it’s just as nice for the has-a-trail-for-every-difficulty-level aspect. Once you get to the point of being able to ride and turn somewhat at will, it ought to be a great place to work your way up. Heck, you’d be surprised how much riding swoopy singletrack will FORCE you to learn to turn properly :smiley:

I’ll try to get in touch next time we’re up Santos-ways, whether it’s an official meetup or not.

…tough to keep track of this growing list. That’s a nice problem to have :slight_smile:

John M

If you are ever going to be at alafai (sp?) Sun-Tues let me know. I get down that way a lot and would love to try my hand at it. I can turn ok now and have been riding all around our town square and I can turn around signs and corners now and freemount so I just need to get some more stamina. I have been riding up some very slight grassy inclines around town OK and I am going to work on attacking curbs tomorrow. Thanks again and talk to you soon!


Well this weekend and next are on a bit of an odd schedule (next Sunday I might actually be up in your neck of the woods… I’ll keep you posted) but Sundays are the typical day for at least Jason(, his family) and I to ride at Alafia, usually hitting the trails 11:30-noonish somewhere.

Drop me a message any time you’re heading down on the weekend and I’m sure we can try to arrange something.

The endurance is both something that you’ll train as you ride, and something you’ll need less of as you improve. Being off balance, no matter what the cause or terrain, takes twice as much energy as riding in control it seems. I know when I first started out it was a lung-busting flailfest just to cross the parking lot, but now if I’m riding on smooth pavement even at a brisk medium pace I hardly get to breathing heavy.

pant pant,
John M

i so wish i could of made the ride :frowning: but glad it was fun :smiley: you guys should try to get together a new ride sometime in the future :wink: maybe a trials run natural or urban :smiley: :roll_eyes: lol take care everyone

Just a quick FY('all’s)I, at this point I’m planning to be at Santos (near Gainesville/Ocala) this Sunday 3/8/09. If anybody’s already going to be in the area, feel free to give me a ring area code 941 then 447 then 5844 (there, now spambots can’t leave me messages when they gain text-to-speech capabilities)


John M

I will be at Santos tomorrow 11 am. I am planning on being at the main trailhead off of 441. If anyone is interested in meeting please send me a PM. I was going to meet billnye but it seems things may have fallen through there.


:\ I really wanted to get out there, too… there were a couple new people I was gonna meet up with, biker and unicyclist both. oh well.

I’ll keep my “ear to the grindstone” for any other opportunities to get up that direction, and the offer of an Alafia tour still stands any time you’re down this.

John M

I can’t wait to meet up at Alafai. I know things don’t work out. I run into that problem myself far too often. It makes the times when things do come together even better :slight_smile:

Off to the trails now. I’ll let you know how my first time out there (on uni) goes later.

First time Muni

I had a great time at Santos today. My wife and son went along and luckily my wife (Unouni) agreed to take some pics and video. My shin guards don’t get here until tomorrow to my shins dismay! I rode yellow trails today but it was fun and flowing. I also did some trials stuff in the skill park. Here are a couple pics of the riding.

Thanks for all the help form everyone!

I went out there again today and did some blue trails. I was amazed how much easier it was the second time. I find the hardest part to be getting started in the middle of a rock bed or a real rooty section. It’s a fun challenge though :slight_smile:


I will be riding at Santos tomorrow 3/15 at Santos MTB Park. If anyone wants to meet up let me know. I am thinking of going out between 11 and noon.


Brian: How’d your sunday-ride-in-the-park go? Is it (slowly? quickly?) becoming easier to get “reset” when you fall off in less-than-ideal terrain? It’s a great thing to work on, since if it caused you to fall off in the first place, it might very well make it hard to START off again :smiley: Hopping in place to reset your balance can be a handy tool for that situation, as well as many others.

I’m not very familiar with Santos aside from the (relatively constant) loop I’ve ridden the couple times on Santos trailhead side, and Nayl’s Trails on the 49th Ave side, but what stuff have you been practicing on, so far?

I might be up your way next Saturday, crashing the FTF for a day… Details remain to be ironed out, but I’ll let you know as things move along. Maybe we can work out a meeting finally, hehe. Sunday is planned for Alafia as well, “as is our custom”.

Next ye^H^H^H week in Jeru^H^H^H^H^H Ocala,

John M

I am getting much better on starting in really rough areas. I practiced a lot on the top of the vortex where I had to start a very long rough downhill in a small rocky area. To my dismay the proceeding series of wrecks were not filmed including the last bad one where I fell back with my leg folded under me and smacked my elbow on a rock pretty hard. Luckily I had been riding for about 3 hrs at that point so it was time to go. I rode today in town hopping stairs and working on SIF riding and all seems well after some ice and rest. I use the hop to get stabilized in those areas and it helps. I can meet on Saturday with no problem. Just let me know. Do you still have my #?

Here is a small video of some of the Sunday fun at santos MTB Park

I am going out for sure on Saturday at 11am. I will be at the main Santos trailhead just off Hwy 441 for anyone who would like to meetup. I’ll be the guy with one wheel :slight_smile: PM if you are coming.


Brian: I had a lovely post all typed up last night, before my computer decided to crash unceremoniously.

You’re coming along scary-good for only a few weeks riding so far. You have the same wobble to your riding that I noticed in the other freakishly-quick-learning bike-rider-for-ages guy I rode with… masked, for those of us “normal” learners by falling off with much greater frequency when we’re still at your stage, I’m guessing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ll try to work out the details on my carpooling situation up northward, and let you know what’s going on later in the week.

John M

Looking forward to seeing you on the trails tomorrow John.(Sat. 3/21 10am main trailhead) Just a heads up, it is the Fat Tire Festival this weekend so it will be busy and fun! See: for the details. I hope some other people can make it out to ride :slight_smile:

It was great meeting you and Bill today John. I still can’t say how impressed I am with the stuff you can ride both up and down! It was a great time andI look forward to riding with you again soon! Here are the pics from earlier. The timer pic of the three of us is a little blurry but…

Florida bad-a$$ uni gang!