First "Muni"

This weekend, I am getting my first experience approaching what I think of as Muni (trail riding). I am at a farm and there is a “road” here that is the most challenging trail I have ridden yet. Mostly, to date, I have been riding on sidewalks, roads, and well maintained bike commuter trails (paved and not). This road was cut by a bulldozer, “paved” will wood chips and sawdust, and very rarely driven by anything but heavy machinery, and that not often.

It has been a blast!:smiley:

I have only made it through the sawdust section once without a UPD and starting out on most of the road is an exercise in patience (I still have not learned the roll-over mount). I think what I like most is the fact that my body has gotten so used to the unicycle that I find myself dancing over the rough areas and then looking back and going “WOW, I wouldn’t have even tried that a few weeks ago!”

It may not be rock garden stuff, and there are no 2 inch tree roots (plenty of half inch sticks, though), but I have decided that MUni is for me. My next unicycle will definitely be a real MUni!!

Heh, I’m in almost the exact same stage of my uni’ing. I’m actually riding my 20" wheeled, white wall tyred, freestyle uni along the footpaths round where I live. Footpaths being compacted earth paths across fields. I can get away with this at the moment because of the lack of rain we’ve had in Norfolk lately.

I’m definatly going to get myself a Muni soon, and being in the UK, the new Onza one from looks favourite.

I can’t wait, but I need to do a little saving for it first :frowning: