First little vid

Just messed around yesterday and made a little vid. Crappy filming and riding, but we were just practicing our rolling wraps and 3 spins.

Haha, love it when the camera follows the girls.:smiley:

How old do you think some of those girls were? They all seemed semi-interested in unicycling… or at least the last girl did. I need to come up to Walla Walla and ride with you guys… even though I suck at that type of stuff. I like trials better. Or freestyle…

Those 4 girls were like 18 or 19, really hot though lol, the other one is kinda a friend of ours, she wanted to take a picture of us for our school paper.

it’s settled then. I’m coming up to ride with you eventually haha

Yeah you should come up here and ride with us sometime, it would be cool riding with a new person.

lol if you want to come to Walla Walla for the girls, don’t. That was by far one of our good days lol.


Lol that shirt was fail.

Argentina is where you want to be, my friend.

I <3 cute girls

Haha don’t dis the tummy t man…

And Will, you should come way over here and ride with us, cause I bet just because you are here there will be tons of hot girls :slight_smile:

I think the girls liked your really short white shirt.

Sadly I didn’t have it on when they walked by…but if I did they would be lovin it haha

hahaha why diddn’t you say hi to them?