First four teams register for Ride the Lobster.

Ride the Lobster, Nova Scotia’s 800 km, five-day unicycle marathon has its first four teams registered for the June 16-20 race.

Team Yellow Line Fever, an all-California entry, consists of Beau Hoover, Scot Cooper, Geoffrey Faraghan and Nathan Hoover. [B]

Team Venus[/B] is: Irene Genelin, Minnesota, and Louise Lovelle and Michele Manna-Hastings, California. Andy Cotter, Minnesota, is the team support person.

Team American Mojo
brings three Vermonters together: Bill Merrylees, Dawn DiCecco and Mark Preemo, Eric Scheer, from Rhode Island, rounds out the team.

And from Nottingham in the UK come The Goonies: Joe Marshall, Spencer Owen and Penny Munro. James Amon, from Virginia, USA, completes the foursome.

Six other teams are at various stages of registering. They are: Korea Dream Team; 2Y2D, Madison, Wisconsin and Toronto; Yam Power, Berkeley, California; Totally Doable, also from California; Team Atlas, Toronto, and Lost Wheelers, Manchester, England.

For more information:
William Dockrill, media coordinator


Ahhh! Wheres the NZ team!?

Latest to register for the Ride the Lobster.

I just checked Ride the Lobster’s so-far registered qualified rides. No Kiwi riders on that list of sixty yet.
South Korea’s Dream Team is the latest to register for the Ride the Lobster.

We’ll probably be sending our team entry in at the end of this month. If I get up early’ish this week I’ll do my Qualification rides before work. Just been so busy I haven’t had a chance to ride the Uni in ages!

Tony Melton
Rowan Chivers
Ken Looi

I’ve already paid for my airtickets, and I believe the other two members are in process of getting passports and airtickets.

See you in Canada,


This is so exciting

Team NZUNI confirms entry for Ride the Lobster

Thanks, Ken, for the update. Now UNICYCLEDOOD can relax. :roll_eyes:
It’ll be great to have two Guinness record riders at RTL.

NZ Team

I’m working on it.
I have to consult the Canadian High Commission in Sydney to get confirmation I can enter Canada with my criminal record. Hopefully tomorrow I can contact them.

Just wondering if any Australian riders signed up?