First experience with my Trials uni

Wow. I’m pooped. I just came back from my first 20" Monty ride, it lasted about 2 hours. (all urban) Here are some observations, as discovered by a 26" MUni rider.

Preconceived thoughts:

1)The uni would be an ineffiecent traveller.
2)With the smaller wheel and lift handle, I could fling myself anywhere. (to an extent well within my abilities, of course)

Post ride observations:

The uni is a decent traveller. It’s obviously slower than the 26", but the feeling of being slow isn’t there. You are riding as fast as you can, just like a bigger wheel, you’re just slower.

The shorter cranks (127mm, from 175mm on my MUni) make a crazy difference!

The uni seems almost like the 26" when it comes to pulling up and jumping. I have been able to do pedal grabs with my 26"(no handle) Although I know a big part of this is new equipment to get used to.

Although it was as easier to lift and throw as I thought, the precision you get in your hop is phenominal. never have I been able to say 'Hmmm, I want to jump up onto that exact spot I’m looking at, and start to ride along the curb, with roughly 9/10 trys landing (but the pedalling along is less than that, maybe 1/2, but that’s still good)

As decent as this was to travel on, I have decided that my next MUni ride will be on this. I’m prepared to not be as effecient, but it’s not a very technical trail, and it’s going to be a whole new perspective. If I wanted effecient, I’d take my mountain bike instead.

This is was more the effecient travel as my previous 20x2.125" tire. I didn’t think it would such a difference.

I used to think only only one uni and that being a 20" Trials would be crazy, now I’d recommend it to anyone who could only afford one.


That sounds like a lot of fun.

That’s also a lot of fun. A few months ago I took my unicycle (20") out for some muni riding. It was on mainly some pretty smooth but steep and slippery fire trails and a tiny bit of single trail stuff at the end. Back then I had the original tyre on it which isn’t at all grippy and is really thin. That made it really fun though because when I was riding down the loose gravel, I was sliding about 15cms each time and keeping on going!

Having said this, I can’t wait to get my 24" custom unicycle and do some real muni and some 4-5’ drops (for now anyway).

Andrew Carter

Re: First experience with my Trials uni

Your observations were interesting to read. My personal experience is a bit different on the above point: if you are measuring Fun!, unicycling is far more effecient at going from boredom to bliss. :wink:

I imagine your trials cycle will be lots of fun Pecking up hills; let us know if you have any trouble with the cranks hitting stuff. If you have access to one, a Coker can be a blast off road- epecialy after a rain. I wonder if Joe is still riding his cross country now that he has a 29’er?


Re: First experience with my Trials uni

On Tue, 19 Nov 2002 19:02:41 -0600, Sofa
<> wrote:

>The uni is a decent traveller. It’s obviously slower than the 26", but
>the feeling of being slow isn’t there. You are riding as fast as you
>can, just like a bigger wheel, you’re just slower.
>The shorter cranks (127mm, from 175mm on my MUni) make a crazy

That’s right. Assuming the recently discussed Constant Foot Speed
Theory is unconditionally valid, the 20" with 127 mm cranks should be
even 6% FASTER than the 26" with 175 mm cranks.

Klaas Bil

The Full name for Los Angeles is El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Angeles de Porciúncula.

When I blast around on my freestyle 20" as fast as my fat little legs can twirl, I’m still amazed to think that on the Coker I’d be going less than twice as fast with the same cadence.

2nd time out.

I took my new trials uni to the skate park.

I can pedal grab almost everytime now.

I can hop up about 18"

I did a rail grind, lasting only a foot or two, but there was technically a grab, a slide, and a hop off to ground…

Trials rocks!

I met a kid at the skate park, who looks like a soon to be unicycle convert!

Whoo hoo! -I want picutres! How high was the rail? Over stairs?

Asside for a perverse attraction to other modes of locamotion, you’re pritty darn cool. :slight_smile:


I had no one with me to take movies (didn’t want to give any skaters my camera, I’ll get vids + pics sometime over the weekend.