First Dirt Road Unicycling (8th week)

I’m quiet a beginner … Started unicycling 8 weeks ago … The video is not very special but it made a lot of fun and motivated me very much :slight_smile:

Yesterday were my first tries on a dirt road and I tried to film it with my smart-phone in my right hand It went surprisingly well

I’m riding a 24" qu-ax luxus but I hope to get an used muni soon … It makes really fun and I would love to start cycling in the woods

Nice work there, shufps! I actually have a muni already, but so far I’m also just using my standard wheel and trying to do some of the same kind of things on it. Getting exactly the right equipment can be fun, but so is finding the technique to ride wherever you are with whatever you have. A 50mm or so tire should be perfectly capable of handling a smooth, hard dirt trail.

Keep going!

Looks really nice for 8 weeks training.
As you mentioned, you are looking forward to buy a used MUni. I would recommend (thats what i did as well) to upgrade your current uni to a beginner MUni: buy some nice grippy pedals ( and a new tire for offroad use. This setup should be good enough to learn the MUNI basics. This way you will be more experienced before buying a “real” MUNI.

And dont forget about protective gear!

Nice work, especially since one arm was preoccupied with the filming. By the way, what kind of mount are you using? Looks like you were doing a jump mount, which seems unorthodox for a beginner.

Thank you very much for your tips! I didn’t consider upgrading my qu-ax lusux with better wheels or pedals … That’s a great idea!

Hmm … A couple of weeks I tried everything and thought I would never learn it … Even worse with the 24" … Mostly I managed to balance on it but there was no forward momentum. The most reliable way is to (kinda) jump on my unicycle … It works quite good … :slight_smile:

Sometimes both of my feet are in the air … What do you think about? What could I do better?

Here a small video:

I don’t think it really matters, as long as you can do it wherever you need to :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking good! Keep on working.