First day on the BC.

So today I finally said, “Dan, get the Hell outside and try the BC wheel!”

So I did.

After about 5 or so tries pushing off the fence, I rode more than 6"…

So about 30-40 or so more tries and I rode about 35 feet give or take 5 feet. (I think that time was pure luck, but I wasn’t shaky that run at all)

So I decided it was time to pull out the Cybershot and film it.

Here is my video.

Remember, this is my first day trying…

I just want more encouragement :slight_smile:

Pretty good! Try the skate mount, You can go very fast with that mount. remember to think of it as hopping on one foot at first.

I’ll try that tomorrow, I’m really tired from lugging that thing around.

Ride it around then, duh :roll_eyes:

I meant like… at school… I can’t ride it in the halls, I’ll get in trouble…

What you should have said it, make lighter plates :slight_smile: It weighs 10 pounds still, down 3 pounds from my flat slippery plates I had before… but it feels a lot more than 3 pounds lighter, I think my scale is busted.

Cool. Another BCer! The skate mount works for me. I’ve been riding for just over a week and I can curb hop :). Hopping isnt really that hard once you can ride. I find that for my skate mount I put my toes under the bolt so I can push the wheel down and pull it up for control.

Kind of hard for me to use the bolt to move around Haha.

I can hop though… I tried twice, I fell off the first time, second time I lost so much momentum that I stayed on for about another 10" then had to jump off.

Get new plates, or hollow tubing. That must be so heavy, unless they are plugged?

EDIT: Im like 90% sure they are not plugged.

I made them, and I’m not buying anything till I get enough to buy a new Uni.

Sweet Nice plates!

Can you afford some hollow tubing?

Nope… No job.

Trust me, if I had access to hollow tubing like Evan’s BC, I would have used it, not a second thought about it.

Once my bank pays me back for some fraud that I had a short while ago, I’ll be short around $40 for buying a new Unicycle, and my Mom will pitch in for me, she’s real awesome.

As much as I like riding the BC already, I would rather have a new Unicycle, sorry guys.