First 90° Unispins

Hello everyone :slight_smile: Thie is my first post here, so you can see i’m fairly new to unicycling. I’m unicycling a while, but always alone, or with my friend, he can unicycle too. Yesterday i landed my first 90° Unispin, but I don’t know if this is a correct trick :slight_smile: You can watch the vid, normally jumping on my wheel goes better, but i was so tired. xD


good work but you need to land back on the pedals to make it count i think…

have you done 180s?
i allmost can do 360s, but i never tried 90° or hopping on wheel :thinking:

I wouldn’t consider a 90 degree unispin a unispin really, just another trick to the tire.

It doesn’t count unless you land back on the pedals either though. You’ll get it soon with commitment.

Welcome to the forums!

I don’t get why all these people are saying it doesn’t count if you don’t land on the pedals. That’s pretty much a 90 unispin and then another 90 unispin.

The only reason I’d not call it a 90 unispin is because you get up and fall after 4 disorganized hops. Other than that I’d say it’s legit.

Nice job! You should practice landing back on pedals and wheel more to shut up the nonbelievers :wink:

Don’t want to be annoying, but whats the 90’-unispin in your sig?:stuck_out_tongue: or is it some spcial version because of the -0 on the back? Sry if this is a stupid question xD

Yah, like I said, the hopping on wheel normally goes better, but i was tired. doesn’t change the fact i’m not able to twist back to pedals though :stuck_out_tongue: But normally they are better organized :slight_smile:

Thx :slight_smile:

Cool ;), keep practicing on getting back on the pedals, it isn’t that hard really. I also see you’re belgian, you could have a look here it has allot of info about tricks and a great community ^^.

I’ll definitly take a better look at the site when I’ve got time :slight_smile: I like the Trixionary and the 90° unispin is listed :slight_smile: Makes me happy.

Landing on pedals make me afraid xD The only reason I can do the spin to wheel is because I don’t have to land on the pedals, but I’ll keep practicing, within a week or so, I’ll land it back on pedals, and within 2 weeks I’ll land a 180°, I feel I can do it :slight_smile:

On the forums we have different competitions from time to time, of landing a certain trick. A “sig trophy” is what that thing in my sig is. It just shows that I part took, and succeded in landing a 90 degree unispin to tire, landed and rode away. You get the sig trophy when you show the footage of you landing that certain trick, and you can put the given trophy in your signature.

Thats really all it is.

Good luck with those 90s. A little commitment and you’ll get it for sure.

Today I really was this close, Fingers nearly together
to a 180° unispin :D:D
Landed 2, but then lost control, just after landing… I only have a bit of trouble with either opening or closing my legs, any tips? Hope I’ll Get a vid up soon.