First 180 unispins

I landed my first unspins today, I only landed three, so I have a lot of practicing to go.

Its a short vid, tell me what you think of it. And rate it different dan a big unicycling vid, with lots of 540s and crankflips and grinds in it :slight_smile:

i like it because and so on…XD

no it´s really good except at the end when you show it again in a slow version :wink:

Ah whatever, I thought 25 seconds is a bit short, let’s put a slomo behind :slight_smile:

Did you land it to pedals? It looks like you did, and that’s really good for a first unispin.

Congratulations on landing your first unispin! One question…
Did you find the easy to land?

I remember my first unispins too, I filmed them and I was realy excited.
In the begining 180 unispins seem to be so dificult then they get easy. :smiley:

The first one I landed on my cranks, my heel in the spokes, the two others I landed on the pedals alone

The three that worked were easy. But sometimes they just don’t work, I land my feet behind the pedals or something.

i cant do them yet, landed one or two and then jumped of etc… :stuck_out_tongue: nice video i liked it!

I have a friend thats been having trouble with them, I ask cause they weren’t that hard for me to learn and he seems to be having a lot of trouble with them.
So… One more question about how long have you been practising them?

2 days :slight_smile: First day just (180) jumpmounts to sif (I already could do seat in)
The second day just 180 unispins, the 15th or so worked. (I already could do 90 unispins, but they are totally different.)