Fireball Q's

For anyone who uses, or has used a 24" fireball for trials, what kind of pressure do you have in the tire? How heavy are you?,because it effects pressure needed.

I just mounted mine, which was very easy, and went to the local gas station to fill it up (takes too long with our crappy floor pump). on the way up there I had about 13 psi (I thought I had more) and I could hardly ride straight. I tried pumping it to 30 and that seemed to easy to rim, so I put a couple more in.

I tested it one the ride home and it seemed good. A little bit harder to compress than my intense (with about 28 psi), ut had significantly better traction on slick rocks.

Thanks for the input.

Max, I just put mine on last night. I don’t know how much pressure I have in it. My tire gauge doesn’t work very well. I just put more air in until it felt about right.

I love how smooth it rolls. It should make urban ride less tiring.


I just got back from some more testing, it’s light, rolls smooth, doesnt fold over much, good jump height, excellent grip, and it DOESNT MARK!!! I love it.

What tube do you use with your Fireball 24x3? I have an Intense, which is pretty heavy. With the Fireball’s thin sidewalls, do any of you use a lighter tube?

I ran about 40-45psi on mine when I had it. I was about 250 lbs at the time.

I ran the downhill tube that included with the gazz that orginally came with the uni. I can’t remember who made it.


I’m using a Nokian downhill tube because it’s what I had on hand. I checked the tire presure with my cheap-o tire gauge, and it looks like I’m running about 22psi. I weigh about 175 pounds.


One thing I found about the fireball is that because it has such a round profile it will tip sideways when you ride across a grade. It wierded me out for a while, but then I got used to it and I don’t really seem to notice it any more.

the 24" Fireballs that I’ve ridden had a relatively square profile… is yours on a wide rim like an Alex or Sun Doublewide? A narrower rim will, of course, round out the profile and be inclind to fold over…


the tire is on a sun DBL Wide, and the roll over in question is as compared to the relatively non-exsistant roll over of a gazzalodi 3.0 on the same rim. The profile does appear to be somewhat square, but if you look closely you will see a slight bulge of the center ridge of the tire, which I assume is causing the roll over affect I was refering to.

Currently using an Intense Tube, the best ever. I think it’s at 34 psi and I’m 212, pretty darned stiff still. It seems a little harder on the drops, but jumps up are easier and gapping I can get farther, I’m liking at alot.

I just thought up something else, How long have other peoples fireballs lasted before they were in need of replacement?

I pull mine out of the closet regularly to inspect it for signs of wear -oddly enough, it remains unchanged.

Hey, any of you blokes know if the 'Ball will fit a Sem XLW?


Yes, it is true. Mine also seems unchanged after quite a bit of harsh abuse. I think it may very well be indestuctible. That’s why they stopped making them. It’s a conspiracy, just like why you will never see grass that grows no more than two to three inches, or CD players that don’t wear out.

There seems to be a lot of Unicyclists in Minneapolis. Why is that? Is it something they put in the water? Did you guys all go to the same school? What’s up? I’m jealous, suprisingly, there are hardly any in the bay area. You’d think there would be more with the rep San Fran has and all.

well yes there are alot, the club is now up to almost 300 people. and no, we did not all go to the same school. On the other hand, all but 10 or 15 are stricktly freestyle/distance riders. It might have to do with the 5-6 indoor practaces a week. or the 25-30 parades a year. or that TCUC has lots of good riders, and more seem to naturally come?

The ball will only fit in an XLW if you basj in the frame, like what mojoe did to his. Even then it has little clearence.

and finally, my new pedals are on the way, making my uni trials complete. a pair of Atomlab Trailkings, with a lifetime spingle bend/break garentee. I have this habbit of bending pedal spindles now…

I ride my Fireball at about 19 psi (though Chris flinches when he even thinks of riding over 9 psi!). I weigh about 150 and I enjoy doing stairs - up and down. The traction is awesome - especially on the smooth, white granite of our local Confederate monuments.

Thank you everyone, Ill let it rest for now.

Damn Yankie.


Max - What’s good about the Intense tube?
What is the lightest effective 24x3.0 trials tube that works well with the Fireball?
Does anyone know the weights of the Gazz DH and the Intense tubes (24x3.0)?

Thx - Joe

the intense tube is the thickest tube I have ever seen. the box is 3x4x10 inches. it just makes the ball more stable.