Finding unicyclist local

I am looking to find other unicyclist in my area.

how should I go about doing this?


Have you tried contacting local clubs who unicycle or something like that. Maybe there are people on this forum who live in your area that can help you too.

If you make a thread that says ‘looking for unicyclists in ***’ where *** is where you live or the nearest city to you, that’s often a good way.

Or search the forums for the names of places near you, and PM people. I dunno where in California you are, but there are definately unicyclists in San Francisco, LA & Santa Barbara, who you could find using the search feature.


You could look at the map to see if there are any forum posters near you.

You could check the club listings to see if there is a unicycle club near you.

There is the Unicycling Roster but this is a bit dated.

or ask on the forum like Joe says


Everyone on these forums should be on the map but there are many who are not.

Small local newspapers love to write articles about the local unicyclist. I bet dollars to doughnuts you get a picture too. If you MUni, they’ll drool all over you. I think I’d just call them up and tell them you’re looking for other uniers. Tell them some areas have massive clubs and you’d love to start one. They’ll love it.

This is how I first found the Memphis Unicycle Club. (Except it was our big daily newspaper) Nice picture of Tommy Thompson riding around. The article mentioned when and where they meet. I was there the very next Tuesday. (That was 11 unicycles ago.)

yeah i cant find a club in chicago

Bunch of links, not sure if any of them are still valid.