finally landed it!!(vid)

this trick i dont know wut its called. i saw xavier do it and said wow maybe someday ill dream of doing that. well i finally landed it after like a hour. and it was worth the falls.
later jon

Nice, thats awesome. Its flowy too. I have always liked that trick. I can’t ride seat on side though:(

That trick looks awesome. I remember you trying that at nationals alot, but you couldnt really figure it out. How long did it take to get?

yeah that trick looks awesome, first time i saw it i was like “wow let me see that again…”

great job, very persistent. i think i’ll give it a try or two today but im not much good at that sorta stuff.

i took like and hour. does anyone know wut its called?

i think its unnamed at the moment. First time i saw it was a japanese rider do it in a video from last Unicon. Don’t know if he’s the first person to do it. Its not really an easy trick to name though so it might be better left unnamed?

Wait isn’t that Dan Heaton’s trick? Oh never mind, I did see Xavier do it before…

Awsome, I’m too scared I’ll get my hand caught between the tire and the frame…

There was grass like 10 yards away. I wouldve just walked on over there so every time I fell I wouldn’t hurt some other part of my body.

whats the trick?

Tiregrab body varial kind of thing. Like the beginning of a superman then twist your legs 180 and land backwards with the seat on side.

thats one of my favourite tricks. i could never do one but would liek to some time. nice job!

Nice work, so many attempts, I’m glad you managed to get it. Nice work!


Cool trick, Jon. Way to stick with it!

Did you ever think about wearing gloves and pads?

I think pads would get in the way. That trick is awesome though. too bad seat to the side doesn’t really work with trials unis:(

says who? you just gotta crouch alot!

It seems like it would be a lot easier if your pedals were the other way around. With you crouching on the left side of the uni, and then having to step behind and to the front pedal, it seems like it’s way harding. Just for kicks, try setting up with your pedals backwards (left pedal in front), or else try to crouch on the other side of the uni and use the other hand to hold the wheel. I’m curious if that would make it easier to get your feet back on the pedals when you (body) 180o. Hmm.