Finally calling out Jamessd

Well, I’ve been saying I was going to put together a video and call him out for about 4 months or so now, and I’ve finally got around to it. So here it is, my callout video Jamessd

Pretty good, one of your better vids

Not that I could do much better, but you should try to get rid of some of those balance hops and to not use your hand to balance in the middle of a line.

Yea what I normaly do when just out riding and when filming when I do a line I will do it again with less hops and then see if I can do it with no corection hops. Like with the first shot it could have been done with just three hops on the bench. It takes more time but Im sure you could do it, also It feels alot nicer when you finaly pull it off. Genraly though, great vid.

Much higher skill than your previous vids

He’ll get there.

IMO, once you have gotten used to doing that w/ prettymuch all of your riding, it’d be a lot easier to do it through a tough line.

We’ll see what we can do :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Thanks for all the comments, I could have done with a lot fewer hops, but the lines with the benches were a year old so I wasn’t too good then and the rock lines were the first time I’d ridden my trials uni since this last summer and I wasn’t quite used to it I plan on doing some more filming and working on still stands to make my riding smoother. Comments about how to improve my riding is one of the main reasons I keep posting videos, thanks again everyone who commented and Jamessd take your time. I’m sure you’ll easily come out with a better video than me haha… have fun man!

Nice garage band music :p. And try not to use your hands so much.

nice job madison!!

bump, I wonder if jamessd finished his response yet…

Well what can I say :o
we’re all really busy at the moment with school and work and everything, but it will be done asap :slight_smile:

looks good. It will be interesting to see what your video is like James. Good luck.

no rush man, I was just bumping this to give you a little reminder… and I was bored… so yeah…

Hows it going? Its been ages now.

It sure has, but I’m still strugling to get a day to film stuff. Kieron works on saturdays and we can’t meet until 5 which is annoying (cos I have to get the train home). Unless of course I bumped my hop height up a bit and got loads more paractice in :roll_eyes:

I’ll get it done eventually.

Its been over a month now though. I dont know about everyone else but in a month I can easly learn new tricks and get genraly alot better. If its going to be judged as a competition this barely seems fair on ducttape.

I don’t improve very quick… and I don’t mind if it takesd him a while i just did this video because i kept ccoming up with ideas for new tricks to learn and put into a video and he would put out a video and it would have that trick in it… so i put this callout up as a sort of a joke… if his video ends up better then whatever I don’t care it’s just for fun…

Where’s your helmet?

Brain not very valuable?

also, where’s your special super-power-neato-keen-tape-bracelet?

Must be Dominican,no?

Ok, about three months later and… Shazam! the video is finished. I’m going to upload it later, but do bare in mind the majority of riding is not me, cos I end up filming a lot, and I have to make the vid too (lol, took me long enough).

Well here it is.