have u ever hit someone with your uni. sometimes when im riding some rapsuperstars* are laughing and saying theres a gay clown. so i threaten them that ill hit em in the head. they sometimes ignore me sometimes laugh. im starting to think of killing them. uni is a nice weapon. its not so light afterall. ok im not into killing them but just make a nice hard hit to leg to immobile those dickheads. thats the right way to make clownophobia. :angry:

Nah don’y worry about them. If you are a unicyclist you are better than them anyway. Save your energy and put it into learning new skills.

hahaha, that’s funny dawg. If someone calls you a gay clown just give them the finger. If they’re bigger than you or you’re outnumbered - simply run. Sht happens and I think we’ve all had a number of cocky “cool” people give us bullsht. It’s gunna happen to the best of us but all you can do is get insane at riding then make movies…or something.


Sneaker, I completely agree with you, sometimes I just can’t handle it and say ‘nasty’ things to them :wink: When I’m really tired that is, I’m a very nice person really :roll_eyes: My brother and I have certainly discussed whacking a few people on the head with our metal pedals :confused:

Don’t be a wuss, sometimes it takes a bullet.

That’s all funny. Keaton I like that comment. Just make movies. Just laugh at them. Whether it’s fake, or you actually find it funny. I do. It pisses more people off if someone says something, look rgiht at them, laugh and shake your head. Then whip a trick. Haha. If you can, just don’t miss it. Yeah, insane at riding, then make movies, do that too. Laters

-Shaun Johanneson

My personal favourite is when i’m out about town on the raffe and people say, “what would happen if i kicked/pushed your wheel?” in a menacing manor, to which i always reply, “I’d fall on your f***ing head”. Some people seem to think that i mean i’d fall off and might land on them and say " but i’d move out the way", to which i reply, " I have very good aim." It always gets a laugh. Genreally i agree with unifreak7, (are there really 6 other people called unifreak?) in that laughing at them usually works aswell. As a last resort, if you’re on anything bigger than 20", head down and go full-speed for them, they’re bound to chicken out. Incidently if you are on a 20" don’t try this, they may go and get a sandwhich and be back before you get to them.

go to college, and then ride there…You’ll run into all kinds of fools.

Most of the one’s who’ve given me crap are usually in front of girls, and think they are out of my hearing range, or they are drunk baffoons.

I end up pulling tricks in front of them, or ignoring them.

I’ve had some people who were persistant, arrogant, idiots tell me that what I do is clown stuff and clown stuff only. I try and tell them “NO, I’m a trials rider!!!”

It’s usually hot college girls that give me compliments. One was on a bike and told me “You’re way more cooler than me,” with a big smile on her face. No wonder it’s usually guys who give me crap.

I’ve also had groups of people elect one of their friends to try and ride. If it’s a guy, he usually racks his b*lls right when I’m telling him to not sit on those. Then the rest of the group will question me and give me expressions as if I were a neuter. I always say “I don’t sit on those, that would hurt, obviously”

Shake your head and ignore people. Or, pull a trick. I once pulled a trick when I overheard a guy whispering to two girls that what I was doing was lame, and then when I landed the trick clean I heard “Whoa! That was crazy,” just loud enough under their breaths that I smiled to myself, thinking, ‘that’s right.’

When you ignore people, it generally pisses them off more, because they’ve FAILED at their attempts to belittle to you. Their harrassment is NO GOOD when it can’t get to you. They have no more verbal projectiles to throw.

And if you get the chance, correct them. Tell them about your sport.

Ride more near people, and you’ll be able to be keen and upfront with people. And you’ll be able to get way more confidence boosting smiles and positive remarks from girls:)


PS, generally people are open and accepting, and curious. The others are jealous, mislead mongrels, whose parents should’ve aborted them or raised them up to be better citizens. It’s not their total fault that they act so “cool” and are so stupid…they don’t know any better.

Re: fight???

On Sat, 30 Jul 2005 04:04:16 -0500, “Sneaker” wrote:

>have u ever hit someone with your uni.

I think Scott Kurland has done that with his coker nicknamed Grendel
to a threatening road user, but I can’t find the thread. It was quite
serious ISTR.

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Re: Re: fight???

I have … to a guy who purposely stopped in front of me. I sped up and leaned forward to maximize my inertia. He had to backup 3 steps holding his arms out so I couldn’t rollover on him … :smiley:

Normally that guy would have been roadkill… but he was probably 100lbs bigger than me … so I only got to knock him back 4 feet or so … and all I said was … 'that’s what you wanted …? wasn’t it …?" … He said … “sorry” … I said “no your not… you wanted to see what I would do …”

afterall … if you stop in front of a moving car or b*ke … do you expect NOT to ge hit …?