nice! I love the feeling of this trick. Too bad I’m not very consistant at it :confused:

nice dude i like your style! but i think you should put it in today i landed :wink:

Nice work! Fifthflips are so much fun!

got any tips for them compared to rolling 5’s?

Practise doing a fifthflip and landing behind the unicycle until you can get the flip and spin every time. Learning to control the it is the hardest part. Once you’ve got that just go for it. Make sure you give a solid kick too.

Yeah i can do that alright, when i don’t commit to it everything spins smooth and get the flip. but when i go to commit to it, the spin isn’t that good and flip doesn’t always do a full flip. But i guess that’s probaly just a practise thing. Recommend trying it off something small first before flat?

I’ve always learned things on flat, but if you’re comfortable with adding a small drop it might help you. Try committing with one foot first, then commit with the other and eventually you’ll be ready to go for it with both feet.

yeah, i normally can get my backfoot on, but front foot just won’t go, i’ll try that method at some point and see what happens. :stuck_out_tongue: cheers :slight_smile: