*Fifthflip Competition*

Hey, competition starts when we get 3 people to enter. It ends on the 15th day of January. I don’t have the sig trophy thing yet, someone will have to make one for me, I don’t know how.:o

Rules are simple.
Must be landed on a 19" trials unicycle.
Cannot have landed before.(on a 19 inch, I don’t care if you’ve landed before on a 12/16/18)
Can be landed out to in, out to out, in to out, in to in, etc.
I probably forgot some obvious things, so fill them in as we go.

We have to do one of those cool things to enter, such as this–
Name:Eli Brill
Age:13, 14 on January 3rd
Time Riding:About a year and 4 months, with about 7 months of street.
Favorite Trick that I can do:Full Varialflips, and Treybackflips

have at it.:slight_smile:

Name: Pedro Tejada
Age: 16 Years Old!
Time Riding: 7 years, but extremely, only One and 3 months…
Favorite Trick that I can do: Many flat combos :smiley:

I’m totally in… I will try tomorrow morning a bit!

MUST BE ON FLAT? Or can be down a curb?

Sig trophies!

Christmas style:


Fading from black to red:


That’s all I got for now, I can make more if people want.

I guess I’ll enter, even though there’s no way I’ll win unless people forget about this thread for 2 years or so…
Name: Peter D******
Age: 14 (till July), might land a 5thflip when I’m 16…
Time riding: 1 year, 7months, started tricks in April 08 (couldn’t do anything besides side mount)
Favorite trick: crankflip or 3spin

Aha i knew I left something out. May be hit on flat, down a curb, or down a two set. No greater no less.

thanks, for the trophies.

Let the competition begin!
you get a head start though, because of my fricken MRSA;)

Yeah. Must be landed on a 19" or higher.

Name:Pat Lally
Age:14, 15 on August 20
Time Riding:About a year and 3 months, with about 7 months of street.
Favorite Tricks that I can do:Bigflips, treyflips, doubleflips

ill hit it down my 2 over christmas break almost landed one today down it

nice, I’ll film it for you, then I’ll land it and you can film it and we’ll post them here.

First I need to land 540 unispins…
Name: Max
Age: 14
Time Riding: 14 months
Favorite Trick that I can do: Treyflip

Why is there a end date? Most just end when 3 people land it.

I’m pretty sure that we will land before that!

Again, Must be on flat?

No less? Ahh… I was going to try to land it up a curb :stuck_out_tongue:

How about a ledge = to the drop of a 2? Just asking, I am going to try to get it on flat.

I think I can get it in pretty wuickly on flat!.. But down a curb may be easier… I must try tomorrow!

Thanks for re-posting that… I just missed that :wink:

Ahaha, you can’t do it up a curb, because that would be embarrassing for us who can only do it down a two set.:smiley:
For the dge, I would just consider it a large curb.:wink:

Lol, okay. Competition ends when 3 people land the trick, but people can keep going for fouth and so on.

Okay, theres nothing to loose just entering the comp, but i’m not going to try hard at all.

Name: Isaac Steiner
Age: 14
Time Riding: 30 months, 20 months seriously.
Favorite Trick that I can do: Monkey kick, 540 unispin, or maybe Treflip. Maybe none of those, I dunno.


Is a fifthflip a 540 unispin with a crankflip?

As you can tell, I’m nowhere near ready to enter yet!

I’m going to try hard. 2 weekends ago I was got so close and stuck a couple with both feet but fell. then last weekend I was trying and it was horrible, I wasn’t getting even close. So now its winter break so I’ll start trying again.

Name: Zachary Wenner
Age: 16
Time Riding: 2 years seriously
Favorite Trick that I can do: rolling 5spins or inward small flips right now.

Name: Buchi
Age: 15
Time Riding: 18 months
Favorite Trick that I can do: treyflips or 5spins


Looks like this is turning out pretty nicely. I too, will be working pretty hard. I have to check my leg today. See if I can ride…