few questions from a newb

i just recently recieved my kh 20 trials last week, i ride flat/freestyle now on my 1985 skyway streetbeat
so being new to unicyces i was wondering if i will be okay as far as bending the rim,messing up the hub,i am indeed 200 pounds,but i dont see myself dropping off anything more than street curbs, once i get to that level.
thanx for reading guys!

a KH trials is extremley tough, made for doing drops of several feet height hundreds of times over. There is no possible way you will break it taking it off curbs.

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the KH20 is a solid top end unicycle. Some people have had their flanges deform but it isn’t really a big deal. People take these things off 7 foot drops etc no problem.

nice bike, but what’s with the funky seat stays?

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the funky seat believe it or not is a laid back seat,and i found it more comfortable than the straight seatpost i originally had on there-----
thanx for all the feedback guys,and all being polite and helpful!

 looking forward to being a long time member here

The seat stays on that frame were for making frame stands easier. On a more conventional design you would kind of jam your foot between the brake and the seatpost clamp.