Fence riding

It has taken a while, but eventually I can ride a fence.

Ok, it is not REALLY thin, but i think it is thin enough!

Pics are here! (on page 2)

Anyone else got fence riding pics?


no sorry

i can’t do fences but how did you paint your frame it looks really cool


Its powdercoated ‘Candy Green’


99.9999999999999999% of us would agree – That fence is impressively thin.

.0000000000000001% of us (actually “them”) have earned the right to differ.

that is one thin fence!

Even though it may be 8-10 inches wide, being a few feet up like that automatically drops that to 3 inches

is there a chart that shows how skinny a ledge feels the higher you go up?

I should make one

This is a fairly wide wall (about 1ft), but when you ride it, it feels really thin!

XWonka, good idea!


Fence riding video…

Video 1

Video 2


You’ve somehow become even more of an amazing rider in the last few months…keep up the brilliant work. And please keep the videos and photos coming. When did you get into unicycling?


Nice riding. I suppose that wall wasn’t as high on the other side… Even though that would be really cool.

That’s really good!
No way I would be able to do that. But I’m bad at riding skinnies, so…

Nice job riding, and I must say, beautiful job photographing as well. It’s a beautiful area you shot. Reminds me of the Oregon coast…

Thanks :slight_smile:

Andrew, I have been riding for about 2 and a half years now. It seems like I have been riding all my life though! I couldnt imagine me being me without a unicycle now though! :stuck_out_tongue:

I love taking photos, but obv I cant take them of myself. I try to get good pics… look for nice backgrounds and the light in the correct place. The pics of the high wall arent very good - light in the wrong place. i did lighten them up on Photoshop afterwards though!

The area is ok. I try not to take pics of the really grotty bits, but if there is something well good to ride there, I might make an exeption! :stuck_out_tongue: