Female inspiration

Previously I was involved in a relationship that hindered my unicycling riding and practice schedule. Ahh, you’ve picked up on the word ‘previously’. I’ve learned from the fora that you can’t discard a unicycle in the trash, because it will always come back in some form. However, this rule does not apply for people! With this ‘previous’ in the trash, I’ve been able to move on and conduct more unicycle progress. Tonight, for the first time in a while I boarded the “fireball” for a short ride. I was able to free mount, roll back mount, ride unassisted, idle, one foot idle, and ride one footed for a short while. I owe a good portion of this to a new female inspiration in my life. Her unicycle aura is incredible. If all goes well I will have her riding in a few months, and I will make my first million dollars by the time I’m 20 with my skill level 11 video. Updates later when it’s not 4:00 in the morning and I get back from a drinking binge weekend in Tampa

'tis good to have u back…
both of u


Female inspiration? … Rejoice!

[B]Tsk-tsk, Adam, dear!
How can you blame your sedentariness on the young lady?

I fear chivalry is truly dead in the South!

Whether you choose to unicycle at any given time is ENTIRELY your own decision!

… Isn’t it?

You weren’t being held prisoner, … were you?


Oh, my!..

I AM sorry!

Look at me blush!

I hadn’t realized! …And you’re so YOUNG!
Do you have any residual ligature marks?

Could you send me photos? [/B]
(preferably in plain, brown wrapping… addressed to “SM”.)


Glad to see you are once again practicing the ancient art of “Pu-Tang”
It’s amazing how it gets your Chi back in focus. Good luck wit her :smiley:

Sounds like the old man is healing up fine… says wryly