Felix' Panamerica Tour

Yes, it is an older hub. Built in 2009, I believe. Serial #M0208.

Thanks for your feedback! Very good to hear your thoughts and experiences.

I see, yes this is an older hub (~roughly the generation of mine).
If you have the time and resources, I would recommend toreinforce the flanges with an extra metal ring on each side.
I know, not many riders had the problem I had with spoke holes ripping out but when it happens it is a nuisance.
No idea if @rogeratunicycledotcom still has Breakfast adaptors or rings but this would be a realatively easy option.
Here is a picture of my hub, so you know, what I am talking about:

More pictures are in the geared Unicycle FB group. (And now I know, where I have seen your picture before :slight_smile:

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We have the 36x32 hole conversion rings, but no 36x36: Schlumpf 36 to 32 Hole Converter (unicycle.co.uk)

If you are wanting to convert to disc, then have the seconds of the brakefast. These are structurally ok, but are indexed incorrectly so they are harder to build:
BrakeFast Schlumpf Brake Adaptor (unicycle.co.uk)