Feels Good

After breaking my leg and missing out on Unicon i somehow got better :stuck_out_tongue:
so heres my first vid in bout 4 months. Got some new editing skills and tricks,
let me know what u think :smiley:


Nice one Boffy! Good to see you unicycling again.

Sweet Bof

Nice 540s!

Very enjoyable vid, I hope to see more soon :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks nice. It is the skatepark were the street comp was held at unicon right?

thanks everyone :smiley: thats the one!

What is your unicycle (setup)?? Loved the vid by the way!! :smiley:

Thanks!you can expect another in the next few weeks :smiley:
My Set Up:
KH 07 black frame
Half a kh seat clamp
nimbus hub
kh 09 trials rim
kh moment cranks
oddy pc pedals
monty eagle claw tyre
kh rollo disks for flat every now and then
kh 09 saddle with carbon fiber seat base
kh 09 seat post
think thats all?

cool video 2 thumbs up

Great vid. Thanks for the share…

really awesome stuff man, good to see some flowy lines :slight_smile: song is already luke and kevens though :stuck_out_tongue: