Feeler: thinking about selling bedford PRO BC plates


I am riding my lowered Bedford PRO plates now and I don’t really need my old stock ones anymore. I have 2 pairs of them.

I am not positive I want to get rid of them but I wanted to see if anyone would be interested.

Brand new they are $95 CAD and according to xe.com, that is about $85 USD.
Do you guys think $50USD/pair is fair? They are in good condition, not bent at all. The orange griptape is dirty, the bottoms are scratched up from grinding and the powdercoat has come off the outer edge (like how pedals get scraped up).

If you are interested let me know.

i would like them but i dont think that is a fair price because thoes are the old plates and they wont ride as good and they are all scraped up so realy what your selling is a used scraped up peice of machined metal. so think on that would you :slight_smile:
and sorry for sounding mean:o

Dude, Seriously, These plates are hardly used. One day of riding and any pair of plate will look like this. Machined peice of metal? MACHINED PEICE OF METAL? Oh I should slap you sillly, You have not clue what goes into machining a pair of plates, if you were to try to go make some of this quality yourself, it would cost you $200+

How do scratches make it “not ride as good”? They will ride just as well as shiny ones…
So basically, they are called BC plates if they are brand new and spotless but once you use them and scratch them then they are called scraped up pieces of machined metal?

Thanks for the input… :roll_eyes:

haha spencer how low are you new plates(sorry for not contributing t this thread)

1/2" lower than standard. Yes it makes all the diffrernce in the world.

no offense, but that didn’t help his sale Evan…

Yeah, I know, its ok. The lowered ones are better, thats why I don’t want these anymore. Darren told me Jeff Groves has tested lowered ones but he likes these better so it may just be a preference thing.

Or jeff dosn’t ride enough to notice.

okay i said im sorry:( . i know what goes into machining metal i have seen it done and yes i agree that it would cost me around $200 to make them myself but bedford makes them in larger quantitys and realy if you think about it you could just weld two peices of metal together. and i know it wouldnt be as strong but it would serve its purpous(sp)?

and by saying they wont ride as good i meant compared to the lowered plates

so spencer i apologise on making your plates sound like crap but i stil think that price is a little high:o

That’s ok. If anyone has an offer I can think about lowering the price but so far noone has been interested so I may keep them anyway.

I just have them laying around, if you think its a rip off then that’s fine. I was just thinking other people would give them more use than they are getting now.

i was wondering are these plates realy good because im thinking of building my own bc wheel

I’ll buy 'em for $20

i see that another person says that it is not worth it. is this true? and i am seriously considering them

That’s just giving them away…


if i didt have any already ii would buy them.



so i would like to buy these plates of yours. but i live in canada so it would be like payine $75 for them and i dont have that kind of money so the most i can pay is $32 canadian and i will pay shipping

but if shipping is to high i will not buy them

PM me and we could probably work out a good price if this is not good enough

I think im going to pull a max here…Stfu.

Uhh, Evan used my computer to post this so I edited. Nevermind.