FEELER: Reversed steering bike.

Ok, not a unicycle, but I figured this would be a good place to put this particular bike.

I’ve recently become the owner of two reversed steering bikes, both in need of work. I’m keeping the one that needed the most work, and selling the one that needs less work and is also the prettier of the two. This one looks to be a 1986 Universal Super Tracker, with the reversed steering mech welded to the front, and a cover over the top of the mech.

There is no chain or freewheel, both had rusted solid before I got hold of the bike. There is rust on the wheels, bars and cranks, which could be cleaned up as it’s not too bad. The seat is a bit tatty, and the tyres are on the way out, plenty of tread left but they are a bit perished. That said, the wheels are true, the bearings are rolling well, and the bike easily rolls as far as you can cope with the reversed steering.

Really not too sure what sort of price to put on it, the condition does let it down a bit, but then there’s the uniqueness of the reversed steering, and that the bike could easily pay for itself if it were taken to a festival or other gathering. There was a guy interested in the bike a short while ago, but he’s taking a bit of time getting back to me, hence looking elsewhere for interest.

your reverse steering bike (for sale)

I am very interested in buying your reverse steering bike. Can you give me some idea as to how much you would require for me to buy it and also the cost of postage etc… Thanks and best wishes from Mel…