(Feeler) Nimbus Titan 36er with extras

I’m looking to sell my trusty ol’ 36er. It’s a good ride, but I have a bike now so this thing won’t be feeling much love around here.

I bought the Titan from UDC in April last year, and over time have added a thing or two:

-Nimbus Titan Frame
-Stealth2 Rim
-Nightrider Tire
-Both 114 and 150mm Nimbus Venture Cranks (the 114’s are Venture II’s and the 150’s are Venture’s)
-UDC Super wide 125mm hub (cotterless)
-Nimbus Shadow Handle set with aero bars (will include the original bar ends with animal grips)
-DMR V8 pedals (will include original United pedals and extra grease for the DMR’s)
-KH street saddle (flattened)
-Tubeless setup (Gorilla tape and 949 racing valve stem, I’ll include some extra sealant if you want along with 2 tubes if that’s your flavor)
-Bell Cycle Computer (has odomoter, speedometer, max speed, avg. speed, time, riding time)
-Sunlite sidepull brake (UDC version, set up with a shifter)
-Handle bar bag on rear Shadow mount for carrying gear. Works great.

Like I said, this is a great ride and hasn’t given me any problems. The computer has 162 miles on it, I probably had 200 on it before I added the computer.

The tire is set up tubeless which, even though it’s a bit painstaking, it’s nice to not worry about punctures and save some weight. Lots of tread life left.

I have two different crank length’s, and the Aero bars are nice for laying down and taking a nap on the flats.

The seat has been flattened and is very comfortable. I like the Street saddles for distance riding and Muni.

I set the brake up with a shifter lever so you can lock the brake on longer down hills. I’ll include the original brake lever too.

One thing I gotta point out, is that this is the frame that I bent to fit the 100mm Drift Trike hub. There are some small indentations on the inside of the frame legs for this. These have no significant effect on strength. The frame was bent back to fit the 125mm hub again.

If you are interested I’ll throw in the Drift hub and spokes to lace the wheel for another 80 bucks.

Brand new, this is a $900 setup. I’m looking for $650 but am open to reasonable offers.

I am not going to ship this.

This is the frame bent to fit the 100mm hub. It’s been bent back.

Not to jack your thread, but how do you straighten the KH seat?

Search ‘World’s second best seat’ and you’ll find the ghetto flat seat thread.

Special offer :smiley: : The world’s second best unicycle seat (for tightwads)


Looking to get rid of the freewheel hub?

Yeah. I laced the original hub back in a while ago, and have had some interest in it since then. I want to see if whoever buys my 36 wants it first to save on shipping.

You are selling your 36’er?! Are you going to stop riding the big wheel? What has the world come to?:o

More on the topic of the sale. I would totally jump on this if I had the money. Been wanting to get my first big wheel in quite a while, but don’t know if my damaged knees can handle it. I live in the area, too…:frowning: Good luck with the sale. It’s a darn good uni.

Would you be willing to sale a stripped down version? no computer/bars/bags…etc… ? :slight_smile:

Really looking to sell this as a unit. My other uni is outfitted already, and it’d be a hassle to sell out the parts individually.

I’m still interested… little worried about the bent frame. I might PM you;)

Yeah, send me a PM if you wanna chat about it.

Being a steel frame, as well as being a road frame, the dents from where I bent the frame shouldn’t be a big deal. I’ve been riding it with them and haven’t noticed any issues. Cold setting steel to fit different hub widths is a fairly common practice.

Where in Utah are you located? If you live close enough and want to come check it out, your welcome to. And maybe you’d be able to talk me into selling it without all the gadgets on it.

I’m in sun valley this weekend but will be back in Ogden Monday. I just live up on the east bench. I’ll pm you then. Thanks

Seriously? You live in Ogden and we haven’t ridden yet?

Tain’t right.

I know crazy right? lol… I’m only about 6 months in and even though I’m obsessed I probably couldn’t keep up with you. :smiley: PM sent

Cool, this thing is SOLD.

Thanks Chet! Hope to ride soon.