Feeler: Nimbus 3 wheeler giraffe unicycle

Alright, so I know everyone is tired of these ‘Feeler threads’ but I hardly use my giraffe anymore, never learned to freemount it, ridden very few times although ridden fairly hard those few times, scratches on the seat but everything else is in fairly good condition. I’ll get pictures up soon I can’t find the camera at the moment. UDC sells them brand new for $450 dollars and I figured that since I’ve had it for a while and ridden it a few times before it started collecting dust in my shed I would be able to sell it reasonably for $350-375 buyer would have to pay shipping though since I’m short on funds(one of the main reasons I’m considering selling the giraffe). Anyone interested? You’re essentially getting 3 unicycles in one.

i sure felt it yesterday. lol

The Uni

on this site it cost $300 new Nimbus 3-Wheeler $300.00 http://uniproshop.com/

yeah, but he got it from UDC… it’s in really good shape though, pretty much brand new.
I’d totally want it if I had the money, man…