(Feeler) Nimbus 29er, custom.

I’m not as keen on my 29er now as I was, so it’s up for grabs.

Nimbus 2006 29" unicycle upgraded with the following parts: KH 29" freeride rim + reinforced rim tape, Nimbus ISIS hub, KH moment cranks (125mm), Halo Choir Master 29" tyre, KH brake lever mount, Diamondback caliper brake. I got the 29er a few months back for £100, the upgraded parts cost around £180. The unicycle’s been used once since getting the rim & hub in July. Also, the original tyre and rim will be included if wanted, a Nimbus 29" single wall rim, and a Schwalbe Big Apple 28x2.35" tyre.

I’d be looking to recover as much of the cost of the upgrades as possible, so I’m looking for £180 ONO.

Pic’s will be added if anyone’s interested.