[feeler] Nimbus 29 w/t7 KH rail seatpost and cateye wireless speedometer

I want to sell this, but idk if my parents are going to let me. I have rode maybe 5 miles on it max, and NEVER had a UPD. Everything is in 100% new condition, im asking 360 for it all plus Shipping and handling, or if you want to trade me some 137 moments and a kh frame, the price would be 100.

post here or PM if you are interested, but keep in mind you might not get the uni because my parents might not let me sell it.

my parents have agreed to let me sell this. here are pictures of it.

One correction to make. The speedometer is an echowell, not cateye.

THe pictures were taken with my cell phone, if you want more just ask.