[FEELER]- Maybe selling my Muni

So yeah…I never use it and come to think of it i never really ride any unis anymore. Im keeping my trials but the Muni is problly going to go.

'03 KH hub/ cranks(still perfect)
Alex DX 32 Rim(24")
IRC Kujo DH 24x3" tire
Kona JS pedals
Homemade KH gel saddle with KH rails and BMX seatpost
Bedford 24x3 Muni frame

More Pics in Gallery

What do you think shes worth?


How does $250 USD sound? Probably a little low, but what do you think?

I may want it.

check your PM !

Stiil for sale…Id like to keep it in canada if i can though.

Make an offer if your interested.

Bump! Officially for sale!!! PM an offer or make one here.

If you put your 140mm cranks on it, I’ll give you a purple dildo for it.