Feeler: KH20 Trials (street)

Ok this is a feeler for a Kris Holm 20 inch trials its the 2005 version (Blue, Onza…you know the deal) I put “street” in the title because i got it with 127mm cranks instead of the standard 140’s…lately the 20 has been taking a back seat to my 24in freeride so i have been considering selling the 20.

I bought the kh20 in mid april so its about 3 months old. It has the standard bumps and bruises LOL the pedals are a little beat up on the outside from falls but the pins still look new. The frame has a couple scrapes. The cranks are perfect…the clicked for a little while but then i foudn out that they just need to be really tight and they don’t click. People were tellig the truth when they say yu have to use a long arm allen wrench to get the good and tight. But they peform great.

All in all the uni is in perfect riding condition… it has the standard amount of abuse that someone would expect from a 3month old uni.

I bought it for 467 so i’m not quite sure how much i should think about selling it for sense its only 3 months old. I was thinking 400 and i will cover shipping.

If anyone is near or around georgia i would love to meet up ride a little and deliver the uni…but i also don’t mind shipping it accross the country.

If anyone is seriously interested i will take pictures, this weekend and e-mail them out. just be patient with me for a day or 2 because of work. But yea this is the perfect time to buy a KH from me because UDC is sold out :frowning:


Supply and Demand!!!

UDC is out, your selling yours, go for 600 dollars! Nah, 400 is about right for the price, I will show a friend this cause he is planning to buy a KH, so ill let you know if he is interested.

id like to see some pictures and would you be interested in selling the wheelset,tire and pedals? ive already got a frame, seat, and seatpost

UDC is back in stock…I saw the new KH on there last night.

if i sell i want to sell it as a whole. I’ll get pics up this weekend

what if in the end all of the parts are gone?

if so i would like the frame and bearing casings

ok i have been doing some major thinking and i think i’m gonna go a differnt route with it instead of selling it…i think i will try to get ahold of some bigger cranks for it to see if i like it more before i sell it.
sorry for the confusion guys :frowning: