[FEELER] KH/koxx-one 24" MUni/Street/Cruiser

I’m thinking about selling my 24" uni and replacing it with a bigger wheel, you can buy it from me, or swap it for a 29er (KH) or a 36er of some sort. At the moment i’d much rather sell it though.

Anyway, this is what it is:

Kenda K-rad 24x2.5" tyre
24 bicycles 24" Rim, drilled and eyeletted
Black spokes
Koxx one reinforced (real) ISIS hub
Koxx one street cranks 135mm
Try all white pedals
Red rim tape

Top half:
Kris holm 24" frame 2005
Pit fighter seatpost
Koxx one seat clamp.
No seat as of yet, but im fairly certain i could build one up on a plastic base :slight_smile:

I can also sell with a red T7 handle and rail post if you want :slight_smile:


Sweet!! How much? Ill consider it cause I need a muni

I don’t even want a seat but I really want to buy the uni!!! how would I pay?

Any pictures of this machine?

pictures :slight_smile:

Thats an awsome street set up, postage would be heaps though.

i can get postage to the US down to about £50… which is a lot, but still a lot less than buying one new.

I managed to get the postage from £150 to £50 by using as small a box as possible

looks nice!

£200 + shipping to wherever you are :slight_smile:

I’m sorry simon but I don’t think i can afford it. Not like its expensive or anything just don’t have enough. sorry.

how much for the top half out of curiositty :roll_eyes:

just the frame?
£50 + shipping

I’ll consider the top half (frame, clamp, post)… I’ll PM you if I ever decide I might want it:) I might PM you soon if it’s not sold.

I don’t think he’s selling it with the pit fighter seat post anymore

swap for a 29 anyone?


someone must want this!

I would get it but i’m going to barcelona next month can’t really bring 3 uni’s with me :frowning:

how long for Brendan?
It might still be here when you get back…

simon, just incase you see this before you get on msn or i miss you or something how much is postage within the UK? my dads come around :wink:
my postcode is NE23 3XU…