[Feeler] Coker For Sale potentialy

So I’m thinking about selling my current coker and using the money to slowly buy a new one. Here is my coker as it stands now.

Coker frame
Coker rim
Coker tire (very good condition, still has some hairs on the side of the tread)
Coker tube but with 29er tube installed
125 mm steel cranks and 150 mm steel cranks
3 bolt seatpost clamp
seatpost with a slight upwards tilt (I can probably toss in a seatpost that hasn’t been bent aswell, although this one is actualy more comfy)
Brand new Snafu pedals.

Then there is an issue with the seat. I can easily send it with a crappy seat, but I also have a variety of seats kicking around. If you really need a good seat I can probably give you either a stock 06 KH gel seat or a street seat, or we can work something else out.

It is in better condition than this Coker on ebay and comes with some better parts http://cgi.ebay.com/Coker-Unicycle-HUGE-36-wheel-Big-wheel-cruiser_W0QQitemZ280118637115QQihZ018QQcategoryZ2904QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

So I’m looking at about 300 USD or 325 CAD. I’m willing to ship anywhere with whatever shipper you want, aslong as you are willing to pay for it. Would anybody be interested?

I may be interested in the 150mm steel crank only.

I may be interested in the whole package. Could you post pix? With closeups? Or e-mail me through the website in my signature.



Here are some pictures. You will only be getting one set of the Snafu’s (the new ones). Also in the close ups it makes the crank look really really rusty, I don’t really know why it looks so bad but with a quick rubdown with paint remover or something it will look good as new. You can see how clean the uni is by looking at the bearing covers which are still bright red.

Right now the only thing I’m willing to part out is the wheel as a hole. To be honest I would actualy like to keep the frame but I know it is hard to get a coker frame so I’m willing to part with it.

Unless someone gives me a really good offer, I’m going to wait and see how much the one on ebay goes for. This one has a bunch of upgrades to it so it is definatly worth more.

For anyone interested in knowing the upgrades, they are as follows:

Additional seatpost (bent but into a more comfy position).
29er tube (original undamaged tube, and presta to shraeder adapter included)
Additional set of cranks.
3 bolt seatpost clamp (I might be able to switch it out for a quick release like The coker on ebay has if you wanted).
Nice brand new never used Snafu pedals.
Potentialy upgraded seat if there is enough interest.

Also from the looks of things my tire is in better condition than that other one which is all cracked around the sides.

Let me know if you want any more info on it.

Those are great pix, thanks!

I am new to this, please indulge me these questions:

-What is the advantage of a 29" tube in a 36" tire?
-Which size cranks come stock on the Coker and what is the advantage of the other size? More leverage? Higher “gearing”?

Thanks :slight_smile:


The advantage of having a 29er tube in a Coker is that it makes it much lighter. The standard coker tube weighs a fair amount so the 29er one obviously has much less material and is therefore lighter which makes it easier to spin the wheel.

The Coker comes standard with the 150 mm cranks which is the only reason I have them. Personaly I fnd them too long for anything but the steepest hills. If you are used to longer cranks though you might prefer them.

The advantage to shorter cranks is that you sacrafice a small amount of control to be able to spin your legs faster. Because your legs travel a smaller distance it becomes easier to spin faster, but of course to get your legs spinning at that speed you have to put a bit more force into them to accelerate or slow down. Personaly I think that 125’s are the perfect length for cokering, but there are probably as many people who will disagree with me as there are to agree with me so its up to you.

I’m currently in Deep River, about two hours drive west of you. I’m pretty interested in your coker, and if I can get out to Ottawa sometime and if LuxGraphics doesn’t come through, I’m pretty confident I’d buy it.

How cheap could it be shipped to the U.S.?



Got a zip code?

Ericn, If Luxgraphics doesn’t pick it up I would love to sell it to you. If you picked it up it would also be alot cheaper than getting it delivered, plus you could join one of our Ottawa group rides.

I’m out :slight_smile: . Sounds like a sweet local deal is brewing, I don’t want to come between a Canadian and his Coker!

With shipping, it would likely cost close to new from UDC. Those things hold their value very well! It’s a good deal with the crank/pedal/tube upgrades, I’m just not sure if those are the upgrades I want.



Ok, ntappin, if you’re still willing to sell it, I’ll take it. It might be a weekend or two before I can get out to Ottawa. Perhaps PM me to make further arrangements?

I definatly know I want to sell it, the only thing I don’t know yet is the price at which I want to sell it. Right now I’m going to watch the ebay auction to see what a fair price is (I figure around the same price that it sells for should be fair).

If anyone is interested, feel free to make an offer, but I probably won’t make any definate yes or no answers until after the auction closes.

If someone is in a hurry and really wants it before someone else picks it up, then just make me a really good offer.

Ericn, Why don’t you send me a pm with an offer, then we can figure out when is good in our schedules.

Alright, I sent you a message with some ideas.

Does it have the UDC super wide hub, or that old narrow hub?

Old Narrow! Which for my use (roads) is the best one. But right now its pretty much sold (I just need to make the exchange next week), and if that happens I have someone else in line for it. But if you are interested I can get a quote for shipping if you want to send me your zip code.

hey my dad won just won this…
weve wanted a coker for a while so its gonna be fun…

Sweet stuff, I’m surprised it didn’t go for more actualy, usualy there is a flurry of last minute bidding.

It would have been ridiculous if it went for more, for $330 you can get a brand new one from UDC with the better hub and an infinitely more comfortable seat.

we just got your coker in today!!!
i put it together and went out and rode it…its alot of fun…
did u have trouble with the seat post goin down easily cuse its a pain in the butt to get down…
oh well its still fun to ride…

You got ntappin’s coker or the one on ebay?