February riding

Hello! My name is Oskar and I’m from Sweden. Since this is my first post on this forum I thought it would be perfect to post a video in it :wink:

Hope you enjoy my first ride of the year and leave some nice comments :slight_smile:

That was pretty nice.

With the music I was thinking “oh no, no this song again!”, but then it was a very different version of the song…

Even that version’s been used 1000 times.

Cool video, you’re pretty good!

Some different angles would have been nice, as opposed to those 3. Again, cool video. Looking forward to your next video.

Good riding and nice looking uni!

cool riding!! just moved to stockholm, do you ride here or in another part of sweden?
keep it up!!

Thanks for the comments guys! I know the choice of song wasn’t the best :confused:

Hello weibel, I’m riding in Växjö but once in a while I’m riding with som other riders in Stockholm :slight_smile: