There’s a 2 foot ledge on the side of my house, I can get up on it, but since it’s a skinny, I’m afraid I’ll fall 2 feet down. My goal is to drop down the 2 feet, since my record right now is a foot. But I’m afraid if I get up there I’ll freak myself out and mess up and fall. I know its only 2 feet but I have a problem with being overly cautious. What can I do to break my fear?

I don’t have any thing between a foot and 2 feet to practice with.

How wide is it?
you could start on it then drop off it or ride along it then drop off it. That may help get over the hight and width and the drop. Then just go for it, dont think about it too much, if you land it you wont get hurt.

I’ve been hearing lately that there’s a technique to landing, any pointers on that? The ledge is about 5 inches.

When i look at a ledge i think ‘is that as high as the 4set i have cleared before?’
If the answer is no, i go for it.
Oh, ever since getting my 661’s my confidence has been upped quite a bit too:)

hopping off a drop is easier than riding off a drop

only newbs hop off drops (not counting doing tricks off them). i roll all of them that are seat under, and the result is i land lightly, most of the time, because you can lower your body then straighten it out resulting in a softer landing.


Yea dont fall:D

Just dont get nervous

You’re so much like me. I often overthink situations. All you need to do is to not think:D It never worked for me, though:o

Just do it and don’t think twice about it. You only live once bro and you don’t want this to be the “ledge that got away”.

I finally went for it! After holding on to a ladder and shaking with fear while looking 2.5 feet down after about 15 minutes I jumped and I made it and landed it. I figured out it helps if you imagine yourself doing it and what its going to look like when you jump and land. So thanks for all your advice. I have one question though, when I landed it sounded and felt pretty rough, when the tire hit. I tried low psi and then pumped it up a little bit and they both made a rough landing. Is that how its supposed to feel?

Try to obsorb most of the impact in your legs by kind of bending your knees on landing and start pedalling ALMOST right away (dont bend your knees so much so you rack yourself though!).
Hope that helps.

Sometimes I say f#ck it and do it before I can scare myself out of it. This is also how I got a concussion haha…


when im trying something new that makes me nervous what i do is picture me doing it in my head and i tell myself that i can do it then i try it, and if your scared of getting hurt just remember that if you land it you wont get hurt and if your thinking about doing it your probally good enuf to do it.

Congradulations, that’s exactly what you should do. It’s hard to explain, so it’s good you found it out on your own.

And not just imagining what it’s going to look like, but visulize yourself going forward and actually doing it.

You should always have it high enough so it doesn’t fold over or bottom out when you land.

It might feel “rough” if you’re landing with your weight on the seat. Try to keep the weight on your feet, and start rolling the instant you land…

when you jump off the ledge jump forward instead of just dropping down. The momentum from jumping forward should help make the landing smoother, and like Forrest said keep your weight on your fet when doing drops instead of the seat, it helps take the “roughness” out and puts less stress on you and the uni.