Favourite Uni Videos of All Time

So whats your favourite uni video that youve ever seen? I kno we all have one so whats yours.

Please post a link to the video and post why you like it so much.

My personal favourite is a rather old movie but is still great. Its called mUNIac

I love this video cuz its so laid back and you can tell that the riders are in it for the fun of it and nothing else. Its a great video.

So post your fave video.


That brings back some memories. mUNIac was one of the first uni videos I saw that I thought I could imitate. When I first started riding (and even now, to be honest) trying to do what Kris Holm and many other people do in videos was pretty much impossible. The guys in mUNIac gave me some confidence to try some new stuff.

I’m going out riding right now.

I’ve got two all time favorites:

Easyriding by Ryan Atkins (there’s another easyriding by Ryan also but it’s quicktime… it’s just as good)


Koxx Road trip Freestyle

This one is pretty cool.

…I see… Could you post that in WMV for me it doesnt seem to want to play in Windows Media Player:P

Owen Kirby’s first movie is good… but i am going to have to say Owen’s second is my favorite… hands down


This koxx-one video is one of my favourites.
Full of skilled riding… :stuck_out_tongue:


The new Syko Video (random crap) and the Ryan Atkins films.

i like all the koxx-one videos, i can watch them over and over and over again.

My favorite piece of video is from universe. I think its the second section, where they are doing trials on the funny sea-defence things. I don’t know what it is about it, its just the best. Plus they put a wicked version of “Lucky 7-Be the one” to it! Rockin!

Rock on!

This one is my favorite.


I know im gonna get a major bashing for this, but: WAY too many flip tricks in that! Also, I like it when there is a variety of muni, street, and freestyle.

Rock on!

Acctually i agree…But Shuan is an awsome street rider…I dont mind seeing a million flip tricks cuz his are so stylie:)

Only unicyclists can appreciate the difficulty of the flips tricks…

Man what’s the deal with the guy getting run over at the end?? :thinking: :thinking: that’s crazy :astonished:

thats sShuan getting hit…he said it was for a video project for school and he just added it for fun.

U2, Defect, Owen Kirby’s vids, all those Aussie boys, TWNR, and of course, UNick (shameless plug :D)

What about Under No Influence? I’ve never seen it but the trailer for that was awesome! :smiley:

“I tried my best… mom… and I hope yer proud of me…” :D:D:D

i’ve never seen any of the ones for sale, so i’d say that my fav vid is the barcelona video by xavier collos.

Lately I’ve been watching Jess Riegel’s “Trials Course Love 99” video… the artistic elements to the video (minus the crapping chicken) make it a joy to watch… plus it’s a rippin’ course!

I’m also a big fan of Atkins’ “Easy Riding” video. I’m spellbound by that guy’s precise mega-hops.

that muniac vid makes me wanna die especially when they r siting on that couch… I just wanna tell them so stfu… sry if I offend anyone…

Uff, I almost made a new thread for this. Good thing I found this first. Here are my vids:

  1. Syko random crap
  2. Requiem pour un mono (par Matayo)
  3. Uni-T
  4. K1 Road Trip 2005 Free-Style Version
  5. Justin Goof