favorite Muni venues in S. Cal.

I thought it would be very helpful to those of us relatively new to Muni (like me!) in Southern California-Namely Los Angeles, San Diego, and Ventura counties-if someone in the know would be kind enough to post specific locations, with directions, to some of the better Muni-friendly trails. I’m looking for loops, or out & backs that don’t require “shuttling”, as I tend to go alone and would like to keep the hiking to a minimum, if possible. I’ve been to Rod Wiley’s website, and there are some good ones listed there, but I’m always looking for more. I’m also mostly into “rolling” muni. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.:smiley:

PS: It’s getting close to the “shoot date” for the morning news show that will be doing the Muni Story, so time is of the essence! For those who have already contacted me with an interest in being part of the show, I’ll be getting in touch with you all asap.

There are lots of trails around San Diego, with a variety of trail types and difficulties. Our group has gradually moved from what I think you probably mean by rolling muni toward the steeper, highly technical trails that generally involve a hike up and ride down, or sometimes a shuttle. But we also ride the roller trails, especially when we have newer riders or visitors who prefer that type of riding.

The rolling muni trails we’ve liked include Rose Canyon, Mission Trails, Lake Hodges, and Los Penasquitos Canyon. When you’re coming down this way, give us a shout and we’ll try to arrange a group ride, or provide more specific directions and trail descriptions. These trails are also listed in the various bike trail review sites.


SoCal muni routes

Check out http://www.geoladders.com - there are over a hundred rides listed for Orange and Riverside counties (plus a few in the Santa Monica Mountains), and they match all types - long, short, loop, shuttle, out & back, from beginner to advanced. Most rides have elevation profiles listed, and the maps are based in Google. The popular rides even have photo-tour based directions. I’ll bet you could find some good routes matching your tastes there.