fatest 20" tire that will fit on the Torker DX.

What is the fatist/widest tire that will fit on my 2005 Torker DX? :thinking:
Thanks to any one you responds.

well heres the thing i asked a very similar question not long back about wether or not an onza sticky fingers 20" x 2.4" will fit into a torker frame and u said yes coz there is 3" of clearance betwene fork legs but the only problem we had was we wernt sure it would rub on the underside of the crown. they rekon the tyre will fit in a standard 20" frame and the 20" specific tyre will fit on a standard 20" rim (yes they also make a 19" x 2.5") so yer it should fit chek it out on UDC im not sure wether its the us or uk site if u cant find it just search in google or something.

good luck

Byza did you ever put a bigger wheel on yours?

I have posted this reply on a couple of other threads so for those who hate the repetition – SORRY.

I have the Torker DX in both the 24 and 20 inch sizes. I have 3" tires on both of mine. The 24 is a 24 x 3 Gazz and the 20 is a 20 x 3 Kenda Flame (measures just under 22 in tall). To date, I have not changed the rim on either one. The 24 works fine with the original rim, but a wider rim would probably be better. The 20 in really needs a wider rim. I’m thinking of changing to the Sun BFR rim. I’m not sure, but I think this is the same rim that UDC uses on its BC wheel.

If and when I get motivated to change the rim on the 24, I will probably go with the AlexDX 32, because the folks on this forum seem to think it’s the best.

Oh, and both of these frames have about 1/4 inch clearance at the top and about 1/8 inch clearance on each side.


well i dont have a torker i was just wanting to see if one would fit b4 i got one

that isn’t much … thx for posting…

Cuz, I was also wondering…

Now, have you been UPD’d from something caught between the tire and frame …? Do you go off trail (MUNI) at all…? Just curious…

3 inchs sweet!! Thanks

My Nimbus X!

Hi, i’m new here and i have just got a new Nimbus X 20"! I saw the Onza Sticky Fingers 20 x 2.4" Tyre and I was hoping i would be able to fit it on my Uni, but i’m not sure whether or not that’s possible, so i was hoping that someone here would be able to tell me?

Thanks heaps in advance!

ummm… why would you want a wide tire on a freestyle?

it isn’t a freestyle uni
it is a uni made for street

just get an 07, its worth it.
it is so much better its rediculous.
i put a nimbus rim on my 05 and its awesome, if you replace the rim and want a wider tire, just get a 19" rim. That whole deal cost me $100 when I got it
so i got the uni for ~210 broke the frame + 20 for shipping, about $50 worth of labor on the seat… at LEAST … but now it is one of the strongest seats in the world, and you cannot convince me otherwise.
so basically… $370 for my uni so far
and It is less than equal to a brand new 07 uni (i’d trade it in an instant minus the seat… sentimental). the keyway is loose, but the seat is insane, and the rim is stronger, but i bent it (HUGE gap mess up…)

nimbus x is freestyle.

ohh ok, sorry I thought you were talking about the 05 DX

pshf, after seeing your vids i know the dx isn’t a freestyle.