Fat Tires: 26 x 4" Vee Rubber Mission, 72tpi and 120 tpi

The 72tpi is almost new, it has a few short rides, still has all the rubber nubbies. This is not a light tire, ~1800gms, but it is absolutely bullet proof for all you tire destroyers! Lowest price on line for this tire is $50 plus shipping, I’ll sell it for $40 plus shipping.

The 120tpi is used but well cared for, it has ~ 2/3 tread life remaining, it is a much more expensive tire than the 72tpi, the weight is ~1400gms, it’s a very nice tire. I’m asking the same price as the 72tpi tire: $40 plus shipping.

In terms of how they roll, I’d say the Mission is one of the faster rolling tires, they can be reversed for more grip, think Devist8or with a wider spaced tread. They seem to work better on a narrower rim like a 50-65mm as this gives the tire more rounding and results in less autosteer.

Save on shipping and get both!