Fat Face Freewheel; 24 May '09; Goodwood, UK

Hi y’all,

it’s a bit late notice but I’ve been alerted to what sounds like a really fun event at Goodwood Motor Circuit on Sunday.

The info states:
Bring your bike, roller blades, wheel barrow, unicycle, go kart; anything without an engine, join
in the nonsense and race round the track! Tons of prizes, beach games, food, beer and FUN!!!
and for your chance to WIN one of the fantastic prizes, INCLUDING Goodwood HEALTH CLUB PASSES.
Pick up your free tickets in fat face, eAst st, Chichester
Check out www.fatface.com
free event at goodwood Motor Circuit
11am to 4pm!

it’d be rather easy to win the one-wheeled race!!!

I hope some of you can make it, sounds like a good laugh!

This looks like great fun, I’d love to go but haven’t got much spare time at the moment and I could get a decent Mountain Mayhem training ride in in just the time it takes to drive there and back!

I remember seeing a picture of someone else (possibly kington99) riding on the track at Goodwood, I’d really like to give it a go but unfortunately it won’t be this time!

I went along to this until about 2pm and was the only unicyclist they’d seen. I’m a bit rusty to say the least but it was great to make it round the circuit - eventually! I was overtaken by a small boy in a pedal car at one point but managed to get back in front on the home straight.

You’re right, as the only unicyclist, the class prize was in the bag…