Fargo Aerial!

First ever Aerial footage of Fargo st. Hill climb on a uni! Thanks to Jordin Schmidt Aerials for his awesome flying skills! He had to avoid trees and power lines while filming! One thing I realized real quick - You should NEVER try this climb with a cold!!! Oh well, too late haha! :o

Cool vid.

Nice video Terry and great job on the climb!

Nice! Glad he didn’t hit any power lines. :wink:

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

Love watching these climbs of this street. Someday I’m going to climb it- steepest I’ve done is Fulton street in San Francisco.

Gotta love the arrogant biker comment on YouTube which you responded to quite tactfully. Way to represent the sport!!

The part where he said that the “hill doesn’t seem particularly steep or particularly long” made me chuckle a bit. That’s like saying water isn’t particularly wet! What I’ve found is that people who thought the same thing about Fargo usually sing a different tune when they see it in person - and try climbing it! :smiley:

Nice Video, good perspective to show the steepness as well as your climbing technique.

And in my post I should have said “someday I’m going to ATTEMPT climbing it”! Conveying overconfidence was not my intent- I am just a believer in the maxim “whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right!”

Hey Pstrick, you were right the first time! I KNOW you can do it! :smiley:

Hill climb

Details. Wheel size, cranks size? How long is this massive hill?

Great video Mr P. :slight_smile:

Another thumbs up :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!

@Strokin99: KH 29er with custom 700c wheel build. 165mm cranks. Fargo is approx. 560 feet long, but riding or even walking up, it seems like a mile!

Hey Terry, wouldn’t it be easier with a smaller wheel? Not that it needed to be easier for you, but for others planning to try?

I prefer the 700c because it’s doable and I can get to the top MUCH sooner than on a smaller wheel. A 19" (or 20") trials size for example, would be easier to turn, but also take way longer and require many more revolutions to get to the top. When I first started climbing Fargo a few years ago, I used my KH 24 with a lighter kenda tire, and it worked out well. The main reason I wanted to try my 29er (700c with custom wheel build) was to see if I could do it. So for last year’s event I did my first climb on the 24, and then three more on my 700c. And I do like the added challenge of the larger wheel. :smiley:

Sounds like “If the hill is not steep enough, you can compensate this lack of challenge by using a bigger wheel”:smiley: You’re a true hill climbing hero!