Fan Club - Émile & Hugo (Full Tv Clip)

Hey guys. Back in March, Hugo and I were interviewed for a show called Fan Club for Vrak.TV (Québec teenager’s channel). Overall, I’m really happy how it turned out, filming, editing and music are really good. The host was really cool, the riding is hot too. Well, enjoy!

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Nice riding and editing, but one problem was that i didnt understand a damn thing :stuck_out_tongue: Did she try to ride the uni or did you guys just hold her like that? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice video :wink:

She said something around that : “I could go to Quebec City (A city far from Montreal where this was filmed) that way, easily”. The cameraman was supposed to not include us in the shot when she said that, and then zoom out.

Émile is subtitling the video right now.



Very nice! I could understand some sentences, but not all :). I will rewatch it when emile is ready. I liked the footage very much ;)!

Great footage.



Thanks guys!! (I really like the final shot)

I added subtitles!! It was really long but I made it haha. I suggest you watch it directly on youtube if you want to be able to read the text (otherwise it’s too small)

That’s great! Good to see you guys being recognized.

I thoroughly enjoyed that video, and i love practising my french with things like this which i enjoy, its funny to see the different accent between french and french canadian.
Very nice riding, very enjoyable! :smiley:

Thank you. I really like that clip and I fell in love with the final shot.

Thanks for subtitling it, but I need to correct some of your mistakes. :stuck_out_tongue:

I really like that final shot too, but I should have hold my unicycle with the other hand.


hey guys, loved it hot skat park, hot riding, hot reporter :stuck_out_tongue:
hugo- is that an onza stiky fingers or am i just messin up?

Yes, it’s an Onza Sticky Fingers. Great for street riding, comparable to the Luna : durable, no folding, not very sticky (I like that for street though).

That was a pretty good report on unicycling for once on TV, one of the best I’ve seen, nice guys.

Thanks, I’m really happy how it turned out. Way much better than any unicycle things I’ve seen on Tv so far.

I forgot to watch it on TV!!! I still can see it sunday at 12… I dont want to miss it!:slight_smile:

Nice … Bravo!
Congrats on your acceptance to National Circus School … my daughter Aerial told me got in … is it true?
I am in Quebec visiting her now…

Thank you.

It is true. She already did the auditions in Montréal and since she is at the Circus School of Québec so we have alot of friends in common, I talked to her the other time.

You have your uni? Want to go for a ride in Montréal? Otherwise I know some people in Québec city too who ride.