Fall Video will riley and emele

my last video for a while not a very good edit but enjoy,

nice vid and very cool tricks

Will that was sweet! Loved the filming, and the latedub and emele’s 7. He’s got some nice seat in hops.

really good vid!! :):slight_smile:

Thanks for the comment guys. it wasn’t the most tech video but it was fun. hopefully ill get a fifth soon :slight_smile:

that was so awesome! loved the whole thing. you guys are getting so good.

Very cool video!

Stylish. :sunglasses:

That. Was. Awesome. Just the whole feel was amazing, and the filming was really good, not to mention the street and trials.

Sick vid fellas. Maybe if I can catch up I can be in the next one haha. Will over the holidays you two can come to smithtown and we can hit up this ill building with tons of rails, every set from a 2-9, and a bunch of picknic tables and ledges. Its cool with my folks.

I want in on the next one haha I just have to catch up. :wink:

Too many ill parts to talk about. So i’ll just say the whole thing was dope.

Love it, whole vid had good flow.

sorry man i cant going to Vermont with the girlfriend, then going to Pats house


That was awesome, you both have gotten really good. It was fun to watch.

song is in one of my favorite skate parts ever,
oh and i guess the great riding and filming is a plus too:p

awesome vid.

I think it was representative for unicycling! Liked it very much.

Sick video you guys really enjoyed it!

I like this!