Fall pt. 1 (trials)

Comment please :stuck_out_tongue:

very nice, but am i the only one the vid is running very choppy for?

edit: nvm it stopped.

haha thanks :smiley: glad it stopped.

I just noticed that one of my favorite lines didn’t make it into the video :frowning:

Weak riding and repetitive. I normally don’t like your videos. This one I hated.
It was too long and got repetitive. It was even repetitive to your older videos. I was disappointed in the skill level too. You are much better than most of that riding, or so I thought.

You told me to “please comment” so I did.

Hopefully I will like your street better.

I understand:( I stopped really caring about trials, I still like it and ride it, but no where near what I used to.

uh, its a decent vid. if you really think about it, almost ALL unicycling videos are just nothing but repetitive…but that doesnt really make em any less fun to watch… most videos are just the same riding, same tricks, + music added. all the same. but still cool.

You tell him DSchmitt. haha. Thanks, I know mine are all really repetitive.

You’re good :). But the video was a bit repetitive indeed ^^.

i like it :wink:


This wasn’t really trials. It was all ups.

Ride a rail, gap to a rail, do some more natural etc. That wooden fence you kept jumping over, jump on to it!


Danni, you are back:D

If it was anything like the fence I was hopping on a few days ago it rolls. I was very annoyed by the rolling fence.

I liked it Colby!! good song. where do you get all your pallets??

I could’ve on one part, but I didn’t.

I’ll agree that your videos are repetitive, but there’s no need to hate.

Yeah, yawn. I like vids where you mix everything up.

Cool vid.

Awsome riding.

Well done. :slight_smile: