Fakieflip Video

<a href="Hey guys (and gals),

I filmed this video in about 2 days(ish). The vid is just fakieflips, so it will get repetitive if you don’t appreciate it. Feel free to bash, I’m fine with critique.

Well, it’s on youtube, find the link. Please, comment.


[EDIT]Youtube killed the quality baaad. I may try and upload a Widescreen version elsewhere…

Very nice that all looks really hard. Liked the double flip

That was impressive, i liked it.

i dont know what else to say

well done, Keep it up!

bye bye Dale

that was awesome!!

I thought those were “fakie back flips”. Or do we just leave out the back part for some reason?

If you are riding backwards they are just called fakie flips. If you are riding backwards and do a front flip I think you have to specify the “fakie front flip” part.

W/ that warning I thought it was going to boring, but I thought it was pretty good:D Only slightly repetitive IMO.

Cool vid, I like doing fakieflips off stuff too.

“fakieflip” means a back flip riding backwards, so something like “hick fakieflip” is a backwards hick back flip.
If you flip it foward and ride backwards its a fakie crankflip.

Great vid, realy liked it. I didnt find it repetative atall I think Im going to go out right now and try land a backflip.

Im not one for street at all, but you put a trials-y twist to your riding that I like, thanks!

Keep rockin’!

Thanks for the comments so far guys!

Edd, I try to please, eh? Ha, but seriously, I like riding trials a lot too, I just find that in street you can vary your riding up more.

Glad it was only slightly repetitive haha, I did try to vary the shots around, but well. Still a lot was filmed outside my house as usual.

By the way, I fixed 8 punctures on one day of filming haha, I was so mad I was thinking of just dropping uni. Next day I fixed 3. Turned out when I was riding with Joe B, I pedal grabbed a rail hopped over it into a thorn bush, not a regular bush. So I had loads of thorns in my (very, very) worn out tyre.

I have no changed my tyres over. I really wanted to get a triple off that black (largest) stump. I was close, but not close enough to start filming it.


hey mike,

real nice riding - and i enjoyed your video actually - and i dont usually like very street-like videos. I have to say the trial bits made it alot better.

But keep up the awesome riding!

Tha twas absolutely rubbish, bloody bullocks of a video my good mate. Could have done better blind folded. (winky face guy)

I give it a “7” on a scale of 2-7

-Shaun Johanneson

nice video, really impressive, I still remember you as the triple backflip kid…

Nice video i dont have a clue how you do them.


Nice video!!! Nice Editing. Nice Riding.

Cheers Mike there’s not been a single video of yours that I haven’t enjoyed watching (although I don’t always post comments). I appreciate the effort but have no basis to comment on the skill! Nice camera angles, varied locations, simple effective editing - just the right length as well. Cool.

That was really cool

Cheers guys, I didn’t read the comments earlier for some reason. But they are much appreciated. Cheers Shaun, Norry and all you guys.

New vid coming sometime errr… soon, maybe.


Very nice video. I didn’t find that repetitive actually as you found lots of different ways to work the fakie flips into different types of lines. Good shooting helped keep it interesting as well. Lastly, I really dug the music, was that the RX bandits by any chance? Or am I just way off?