Fakie Roll Hops

Hey unicycle people. I’m just wonering how many stairs people have fakie (backwards) roll hopped. I did a 5 today and im really happy. I’ve seen Shaun.J and Dan.H do 6 stairs. Anybody done anymore?

you jumped far enough to get six though

So if I get this right, you ride towards a stairs backwards and clear it? Land backwards too or can you 180 it?
I’ll try it tommorow, but we don’t have any proper sets here though, the 5er we have is the same as a normal 6-7 set really and the 4 set is the same as a normal 3 set… pretty bloody annoying.

dan heaton does 7 in defect…

technically a fakie rolling hop involves taking off and landing backwards…but taking off backwards and doing a 180 before landing, would be a fakie 180 down a stairset, I guess.

Backwards isn’t “fakie” on a unicycle. Wrong foot forward is equivalent to fakie.

Wrong foot forward is the equivalent of switch.

Well, I can see that argument, but “fakie” doesn’t really work for unicycling jargon. The reason it’s called “fakie” is that you’re faking like it’s normal when it’s not. There’s no faking involved in going backwards on a unicycle; it’s just going backwards. Why not just call it “backwards”?

(Side note: you couldn’t call it “backwards” on a skateboard or snowboard, because you’re actually moving sideways in either case).

backwards rolling hop down a stairs then, switches wouldn’t be too good on a unicycle though. You hardly see the difference between normal and switch, plus, lots of people use different positions so it’s not like “OMG HE DID THAT WITH HIS LEFT FOOT FORWARDS, INSANE”.
I’ll settle with the term fakie rolling hop.

It’s called fakie on a bike too. Even for inline.

Wow your right. I counted 6 for some reason. Yeah just because its a skating word dosn’t mean it’s exactly the same in unicycling. Fakie is backwards.

with bmx:
fakie 180=half cab
fakie 360=full cab

Anybody done 8 or 9?

I am sure dan could go bigger than 7. He landed that set in defect on his first attempt. I wouldn’t be suprised if he could make 8-9 steps.

Dan can do anything! He’s never bailed on purpose!

I didn’t know you were a street rider, Tom… how long have you been throwin’ down the flips & spins?

We’re glad you can set us straight on the terminology here… does this mean that General Dibbles and Wikipedia are wrong? Is there a specific sport from which unicyclists are allowed to select their jargon? As it stands, we’ve “borrowed” from skaters, bikers and boarders so far…


Riding backwards isn’t necessarily fakie on a unicycle. But doing tricks backwards that you would normally do forwards is considered fakie.

For instance, a fakie 360 would be a 360 while riding backwards. Riding down the road backwards wouldn’t be considered ‘riding fakie’.