Fake Unis

i want to see some pics of any fake unis u or anyone else has made
idc if you made it with paint or if your a photoshop expert i just wanna see your work:D

3DS Max model picture

Here are two unicycles I’ve made using 3DS Max 09. The pink clear frame was something I did before the final rendering of our school club’s logo (2nd pic).


Good Render2.png

I made this “XTP Alien Backflip” uni about 2 years ago on paint. I took an XTP and an Alien Backflip uni on K-1.com and made this:) I thought it could be a nice custom uni… and they made a model of XTP exactly like this after, exept with Trials cranks.

Where in GA has a school Uni club?

Lagrange. Well, the school refers to it as an “interest group” and not a fully official club because they don’t want to be sued if one of us gets hurt. But they let us keep all our unicycles in a teacher’s classroom on meeting days, they allow us to make morning announcements, and let us have meetings. Sometimes during homeroom our teacher lets us ride between the desks and let people try out. Its awesome!

I started the club unofficially last year and now we have 14 members. (3 of which are girls! lol) Its amazing how stuff can just catch on sometimes.